All Honkai Star Rail Quantum characters: Fu Xuan, Seele, Silver Wolf, more

James Busby
Silver Wolf Honkai Star Rail official artwork

Quantum characters in Honkai Star Rail focus on debuffing their enemies as well as dealing damage on the battlefield. Here are all the current and upcoming Quantum characters available in the game. 

Quantum characters can bring some great versatility to your team roster in Honkai Star Rail by providing debuff skills and high-damage abilities to the battlefield.

Just like with Lightning, Fire, Ice, and Wind characters – there are some great Quantum picks when it comes to creating the best Honkai Star Rail team. 

Here are all the Quantum characters available in Honkai Star Rail.

All Quantum characters in Honkai Star Rail

Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan Honkai Star Rail official artwork
Fu Xuan can see into the future thanks to her third eye.
  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Path: The Preservation

As the head of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Divination Commission, Fu Xuan is both a confident and blunt sage. While not much is known about this character, we do know that she uses her third eye and the Matrix of Prescience to calculate Xianzhou’s route and predict the fortune of future events. 

Fu Xuan follows The Preservation Path, which means she has powerful defensive capabilities. This character’s Skill increases allies’ health based on her own HP in addition to their CRIT Rate. Fu Xuan’s Ultimate deals Quantum DMG equal to 60% of her HP to all enemies. 


Qingque Honkai Star Rail official artwork
Qingque uses her jade tiles to debuff and eliminate enemy units.
  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Path: The Erudition

An average Diviner of the Divination Commission, Qingque entered the Divination Commission entrance exam to please her parents and secure a relaxing public servant job. Unfortunately, she has found the work to be extremely intensive and takes any opportunity to slack off. 

Fortunately, this lazy side doesn’t seep into her combat capabilities. In fact, Qingque uses her jade tiles to increase her attack, utilizing both single target and AoE abilities. While she may only be a 4-star, her damage can get pretty high when she’s in her buffed state. 


An image of Seele in Honkai Star Rail
Seele is a fantastic single-target DPS unit.
  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Path: The Hunt

Seele is a leading member of Wildfire who grew up in the perilous Underworld of Belobog. As a lone wolf, Seele is used to handling things by herself. Seele’s abilities are all tailored around single-target damage, which makes her extremely useful when you wish to quickly eliminate a high-priority target. 

Seele’s Skill increases her SPD by 25% for two turns and deals Quantum DMG based on her ATK to a single enemy. After defeating a target, Seele receives an extra turn in a buffed state with her ATK being increased by 40% for one turn. 

Silver Wolf

An image of official Silver Wolf artwork.
Silver Wolf can delay her enemy’s turn.
  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Path: The Nihility

This master hacker can bypass any enemy’s defense system, dishing out high damage and debuffing them in the process. Silver Wolf’s Skill Attack has a 75% base chance to impose the Weakness of a random ally’s Type on the target for 3 turn(s) and reduce the target’s damage resistance to that Weakness Type by 20%.

If that wasn’t enough when Silver Wolf uses her Entangled debuff, the enemy’s action is delayed by 40%, and at the start of the next turn, they receive a Quantum DoT equal to 48″% of Silver Wolf’s attack.

This makes her extremely useful when you wish to avoid taking hits from particularly dangerous foes or simply wish to eliminate them before they even get the chance to attack. 


Lynx sitting outside a tent
  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Path: The Abundance

Lynx is the youngest daughter of the Landau family and a sibling to Gepard and Serval. In addition to healing from her Skill, this character can deal Quantum DMG to a single target based on her HP with her Basic Attack. Lynx’s Ultimate dispels one debuff from all allies, making her a formidable support unit.


Xueyi in Honkai Star Rail
  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Path: The Destruction

Xueyi is one of the judges of the Ten-Lords Commission alongside Hanya, Huohuo, and several others. Xueyi’s kit specializes in Break Effect to reduce enemy toughness and activate her follow-up attacks. This Destruction character is unlike the others, considering how her damage is based on her Break Effect.


A screenshot from the game Honkai Star Rail
  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Path: The Harmony

Sparkle is a top-tier Quantum unit that excels in providing more Skill Points to her teammates. She is a great Support character who can not only Advance forward turns but also increase damage output if an ally uses a Skill Point. We recommend using Sparkle on mono Quantum teams and alongside characters who require many Skill Points, like Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae.


Jade in Honkai Star Rail
  • Rarity: Quantum
  • Path: The Erudition

Jade is an upcoming Quantum character who will likely be released in the second phase of the version 2.3 update. No official information exists regarding Jade’s kit, but leaks suggest she consumes an ally’s HP to grant them SPD in exchange.

She allegedly also gains charge for her follow-up attacks each time an enemy attacks her.

So, there you have it— every Quantum character in Honkai Star Rail. Make sure you check out our Honkai Star Rail page for all the latest news and guides.  

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