Dr Disrespect suspects Warzone aim assist was secretly buffed

Dr Disrespect talking into a mic alongside Captain Price in WarzoneYouTube: Dr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has a sneaking suspicion that the aim assist in Warzone has been given an under-the-radar buff as he’s been left mind blown by some recent eliminations. 

With multiplayer shooters increasingly opting to implement cross-platform play, the debate surrounding controllers with aim assist and keyboard and mouse has only gotten more firey.

Aim assist is supposed to level the playing field between controller players and those on keyboard and mouse, but there are some PC players who equate it to cheating, labeling the help as “hacks” when it comes to Warzone.

There have been plenty of calls for the setting to be adjusted and nerfed – especially as PC players can plug in their controller and benefit massively. While that hasn’t happened, Dr Disrespect believes it has actually been buffed in recent weeks.

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Warzone buyback modeActivision
Controller aim assist has become a point of contention in Warzone.

The Two-Time, who has made no bones about his dislike of aim assist, was left pretty annoyed during his recent round of games as he was constantly taken down by players with precise aim.

He didn’t chalk it up as the work of hackers or stream snipers, though, but rather an increase in aim assist. “I may as well plug in my controller at this point, huh,” The Doc said. “It’s (aim assist) insane, it just doesn’t allow you to miss any bullets.

“Has there been an update to that thing?” he asked. “A secret little sneak through a patch update that makes the aim assist a little bit stronger?” The Two-Time wasn’t finished there though as one of his fans pointed out that Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore claims aim assist is “broken” currently. “I agree,” he responded.

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The Two-Time noted that he’s felt something has been off for a while now too. “Something doesn’t feel right,” he added. “Everyone is a magnetic aiming genius and I don’t know what to do.”

While players may believe something has changed, Raven Software hasn’t said anything, so it might be one to chalk up as a bit of a placebo effect.