Dr Disrespect already wants to quit CoD Vanguard just days after release

Dr Disrespect silent over CoD Vanguard.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Sledgehammer Games

Dr Disrespect is already considering dumping Call of Duty Vanguard from his YouTube streaming rotation, just days after the Sledgehammer Games release hit shelves, after he “didn’t enjoy a single second” of play on launch day.

Hype around the new CoD Vanguard hit deafening levels last week ahead of release, with droves of players eager to hit the franchise’s latest World War II entry.

Chief among them was, of course, Dr Disrespect. The two-time is ⁠— for the most part ⁠— a loyal CoD fan and even designed several levels for Advanced Warfare. He’s admitted several times in the past that his heart will always belong to Warzone and Call of Duty, and so of course the YouTuber had to try the new game.

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Things didn’t go so well for Dr Disrespect, however.

In fact, the two-time is actually thinking about walking away from CoD Vanguard entirely, just days after launch, because of a “very rough” opening day.

Dr Disrespect looks stunned while playing Warzone.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two-time was less than impressed after diving into CoD Vanguard for the first time.

Dr Disrespect, like many others over the weekend, gathered his fireteam. In this case, Doc rallied his fellow streamers, TimTheTatman and ZLaner, and the trio immediately sunk their teeth into Sledgehammer’s latest offering.

At first, the popular trio seemed interested and excited. The Doc heaped praise on early multiplayer levels, and at one stage claimed he was “liking the feel, fast, sleek.” That opinion soon twisted, however, devolving into Dr Disrespect raging over the game’s pace, and repetitively dying in a hilarious clip.

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In the end, the Doc had simply had enough.

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And, perhaps, even worse, after his outburst of deaths — the Doc’s hilarious way of roasting Vanguard’s pace — he simply stopped yelling.

“Yep, I’m done I reckon. That’s it,” he said suddenly.

“That was awful. I’m trying to…” the Doc said, pausing. After a moment, he started closing down his entire stream. “I’m trying to think, to figure out if I had any fun with the game. I don’t want to be a negative, negative nancy. I just didn’t have any fun playing the game, at all. That’s just me.

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The two-time quickly force-closed the game via Alt-F4 before continuing: “That was just a rough experience. I think, SBMM or not, it wouldn’t have mattered either.”

The related segment begins at 7:07:39 in the video below.

Overall, reactions to CoD Vanguard have been mixed. Dr Disrespect made his stance pretty clear with his stream-ending rant, but other fans have been praising Sledgehammer for their latest entry. Others are less happy though, especially when it comes to the “disastrous” perks systems.

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Here at Dexerto we’ve also issued a Vanguard verdict, and we’re a little kinder than Doc. We gave it 6/10, but did admit it felt like a “step back” for the franchise.