Did Dr Disrespect just leak his own Halo Infinite skin?

dr disrespect haloYouTube: DrDisrespect/343 Industries

Just days after the launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, Dr Disrespect may have accidentally leaked his own Halo skin on stream. 

Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved on November 15, Xbox and 343 studios decided to surprise fans all over the world with an early release of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer game mode.

Even though Dr Disrespect was originally worried about the quality of the game, he now stated that he has “high hopes” for it since the surprise release.

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Alongside the multiplayer beta release came various esports team skins, and apparently, Doc wants in on the action. During his November 17 stream, the creator may have accidentally leaked his personal skin—or at least a concept of it.

dr disrespect halo skinYouTube/Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect accidentally leaked a mockup of his likeness on a Halo Infinite skin.

Is Dr Disrespect getting his own Halo Infinite skin?

Starting off his stream just like every other, the creator opened up his broadcast with his high-quality animated backgrounds and hilarious skits before jumping into the latest Spider-Man movie trailer.

When the Two-Time went to close out the movie trailer, he immediately appeared frantic as an image of Halo’s store listing showed on his screen.

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He yelled: “Oh s**t, no no no no no!”

The tease happens about 45 minutes in.

Doc quickly removed the image from his screen by switching his stream to a pre-recorded video before returning to continue the broadcast as nothing happened.

Though shortly after his streaming incident, Doc went all in and revealed the concept art for all to see on Twitter.

“Officially leaked,” he said with a clear image of the potential Halo Infinite skin.

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Assuming the mock-up on the image is legit, he could be one of the first creators to have a skin placed into the game. However, it wouldn’t be the first time he had his likeness featured in a game.

In October 2020, Rogue Company revealed their own Dr Disrespect skin that was placed into the game alongside a new map called “The Arena,” which was designed by Doc himself.