David Dobrik caught stealing from Athens Acropolis in first Discovery+ episode

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david dobrik acropolis of athens greece
YouTube: David Dobrik/Acropolis of Athens

David Dobrik and his crew visited the Acropolis of Athens, Greece on his new Discovery+ series “Discovering David Dobrik.” During the trip, the YouTuber and his crew were caught attempting to steal rocks from the monument. 

After Slovakia native David Dobrik moved to Chicago at six years old, he was protected by DACA—Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals—until he was able to obtain his green card to permanently live in the United States.

If he were to travel before he obtained his green card, the US would not allow him back into the country for 10 years.

In September, he revealed that he was finally able to leave the country and also announced his new Discovery+ TV series titled “Discovering David Dobrik.” The show officially premiered on November 16, and in it, the crew is seen stealing rocks from a monument in ancient Greece.

David Dobrik selfie Vlog Squad
YouTube: David Dobrik
During his first trip out of the country, David Dobrik had issues acquiring the paperwork to return to the US.

David Dobrik caught stealing

In a video from Def Noodles, the Vlog Squad crew can be seen exploring “The Odeion of Herodes Atticus,” which is an ancient Roman theater built within the Acropolis of Athens, Greece—located southwest of the current-day city.

Turning to another member of the crew, David asked: “Is it illegal to take rocks from here?”

His question is quickly answered as the Vlog Squad member explained that it actually is illegal because the area they were in has been searched by historians for decades. After another man in their group claims he can get away with it because he’s Greek, Dobrik puts the rock in his pocket.

Segment starts at 7:34 in the video

Seconds after the YouTuber picked up the rock, a guard for the monument walks over to the group and confronts them about stealing.

Due to this confrontation, David emptied his pockets and they went on to get food.

If you’re interested in checking out his new Discovery+ series, check out our guide on how to watch.

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