Twitch streamer Susu has perfect response to fan asking to “smash”

Susu calls out down bad Twitch fanTwitter/Susu_jpg

It’s sadly not uncommon for female Twitch streamers to receive some bizarre and often times inappropriate requests from fans, but Susu had the perfect response to this.

To put it bluntly, Susu isn’t the type of streamer to back down from a challenge. And if you mess with the bull, you will get the horn.

During a November broadcast, Susu was talking with her chat and having a good time when suddenly one viewer hit her up with a request that would normally go ignored by most other streamers.

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“Hey, can I smash?” the viewer asked, unlikely referring to the Nintendo platform fighter Super Smash Bros. This did, however, get the attention of Susu who then decided to make an example out of such an inquiry.

Susu on TwitchTwitter/Susu_jpg
Susu dropped a tactical nuke on a down bad Twitch fan.

Susu goes off on down bad Twitch viewer

Not wasting any time, the streamer sprung into action and unleashed a tsunami of remarks that not just shut down the request, but even put the ball back in the viewer’s corner.

“These comments never make sense to me. Like, what are you going to do? Shove your d*ck through the computer screen?” she asked. “How is that going to work?”

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Pondering the viewer’s unrealistic proposition, Susu had a few ideas of how he actually could “smash” – none of which seemed likely to end up happening.

“Are you going to fly me out to wherever it is? Are you going to drive over here? How does it even work?” she blasted. “I don’t feel like you actually committed to the smash. I feel like you’re just talking sh*t. You’re just saying things.”

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To end things, Susu gave the viewer a timer. If he really meant he wanted to “smash”, he would need to get up and commit to it.

“Come over to my house. Come over here. I dare you! Are you going to show up? I’m waiting. Tick tock, time to f**k!” she exclaimed in a finale worthy of her video caption.

Needless to say, Susu really stunned everyone by pulling an Uno reverse card out of her pocket. Hopefully, this makes some fans think twice before sending comments like that to her in the future.

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