Dr Disrespect worries Halo Infinite is already in big trouble after campaign reveal

Dr Disrespect looking at Halo Infinite artwork343 Industries / YouTube: DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect has already voiced his concerns for the upcoming Halo Infinite launch but now, the YouTube icon is more concerned than ever after having watched through the ‘uninspired’ campaign reveal.

With 2021 starting to wind down, three of the gaming industry’s biggest hitters are set to clash over the coming weeks. Call of Duty Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, and Halo Infinite are all locked in just a few days apart from one another.

Dr Disrespect has already expressed concerns for the first two, and when it comes to Infinite, the two-time has been less than pleased in the leadup to launch. From a “worrying” tech preview to the “empty” feeling he gets knowing there’s no Battle Royale mode at launch, Doc has already warned Microsoft’s new release could be dead on arrival.

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Having now seen Infinite’s campaign reveal, the YouTube star hasn’t changed his tune. If anything, Doc is now more worried than ever over the new footage.

“None of this is pulling me in,” Dr Disrespect said on October 25.

The new footage he was watching showcased an open-world spin to the Halo formula, one that has players clearing markers on a map, fighting through a number of bases, and upgrading their version of Master Chief along the way.

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Although Doc sat through the full six-minute preview, he quickly closed out of the video. “I’m sorry, that just doesn’t do it for me,” he told thousands of viewers.

“Six years in production? If you’re going to commit to the campaign, make it the newest, most inspiring thing you’ve ever made. You’ve got a big, huge budget, and it’s for one of the biggest IPs in the industry.”

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Clearly unsatisfied with what he saw from the first Halo title since Guardians in 2015, Doc added he wanted to “be blown away.” Whether it’s “graphics, ambience, VFX” or even “some new idea,” nothing made his jaw drop.

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Halo Infinite gameplay343 Industries
Infinite’s campaign shifts the series to an open-world structure.

As a result of the campaign footage, Doc once again doubled down on his Battle Royale take: “In order for this game to go longer than three weeks after launch,” he stressed, “it needs a BR.”

“All I’m thinking of is a Battle Royale. Look at the vista, look at the mountain in the background. What’s this structure over here, is there a sniper on top of that bad boy with a Banshee? This game would be sick with a Battle Royale.”

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Doc’s latest Halo rant begins at the 20:30 mark below.

While some were quick to reject his opinion, Doc lashed out and reminded viewers he “built half the maps in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. What have you done?” he yelled while staring into the camera.

Perhaps veteran Halo fans will even be able to make their own battle royale variants once Infinite’s Forge mode comes online.

If leaks hold true, it could be the most powerful tool the franchise has ever seen. So maybe Doc’s Infinite wish will come true, sooner rather than later.

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