Rogue Company reveals awesome new Dr Disrespect skin & full Arena map

Hi-Rez Studios

Dr Disrespect’s map ‘The Arena’ has officially been released in Rogue Company along with a brand new outfit for Dallas that’s a spitting image of the Two-Time himself.

“If you think I’m going to stop right there; If you think that’s the end of the line; If you think we’re done, that we put the locks on the Arena, the Champions Club… We’re just getting started,” the Doc said in the trailer.

The map that Dr Disrespect has been planning since early August has now been realized in RC, boasting a “$500 million facility” to house all of the carnage that the back-to-back Blockbuster Video Game Champion demands.

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As an added surprise, the devs at First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios have also recreated him as an alternate skin for Dallas, letting people play in the new Arena as the streamer.

There’s also a Dr Disrespect Bundle that comes with a Legendary Emote, an Epic Primary Wrap sporting the Doc’s signature black and red combo, a Wingsuit sporting his logo, and a Rare spray all for 2000 Rogue Bucks.

As for the Legendary Dallas outfit in Doc’s image, players can pick that up for the same price as the bundle, 2000 RB. The entire assets of this collaboration will go nicely in the Arena – the while stage is directly based out of the lore and world of his stream.

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There’s also a museum dedicated to the streamer’s accomplishments throughout the years, a gym, holograms of his head, a red supercar on display, an arcade, and, of course, a gigantic gold statue standing in front of the stadium.

Hi-Rez Studios
Rogue Company now has a Dr Disrespect Bundle, a Dallas outfit, and a new map ‘The Arena’ based on the streamer’s design.

The Arena is jam-packed with throwbacks and easter eggs that Champions Club members will instantly recognize during their playthroughs.

“You can try but there is no true preparation for the Arena!” the devs wrote of the map. “This brand new map, designed for Champions, will test your limits as a Rogue as you navigate a map truly worthy of Dr. Disrespect.”

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The Doc has been trying to make this map happen for a while, and fans are sure to flock to the new Arena now that it’s finally out in Rogue Company.