xQc freaks out after being unbanned from NoPixel GTA RP server

Alex Tsiaoussidis
xQc banned on GTA RP No Pixel server.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s on-and-off relationship with super-popular NoPixel 3.0 doesn’t seem to be over just yet, even after the popular Twitch streamer claimed his most recent ban on the GTA RP lobby might be  ‘permanent.’

xQc was banned from NoPixel 3.0, a Grand Theft Auto V Online roleplay server, for the third time on April 4, after the drama that had been developing between his chat and other streamers reached boiling point.

Initially, he thought the third strike wasn’t the final one, telling viewers he would “almost 100%” be getting unbanned and was confident it could happen as early as April 10 — a date which came and went with nothing happing.

In the early hours of April 12 though, completely out of nowhere, Felix ecstatically discovered he was no longer under the ban hammer.

xQc finally unbanned on NoPixel GTA RP server

The liberation happened after xQc posted an update about the situation on Discord, where it seemed like the streamer was about to give up all hope of ever being unbanned.

“I’m done with all of it,” he wrote. “I keep [trying to] stall to see if things will clear themselves, but I’ll be honest, I’ll just assume I’m [permanently banned] and just do things according to that vision.”

On stream after the messages, a downtrodden Lengyel was looking at the NoPixel page, when completely out of nowhere he discovered his ban had been removed.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! I can’t believe it!” a shocked Felix said as he discovered his lockout was over and hopped right back in to the role playing server.

Why was xQc banned on NoPixel?

As for why xQc was most recently kicked out of NoPixel’s server, it’s not precisely clear — but there was a good deal of drama that pre-empted it.

After other streamers roleplaying police officers handed him a ban he disagreed with, xQc ‘encouraged’ his viewers to chat-hop into other streams.

xQc GTA RP NoPixel Jail
xQc is no stranger to run-ins with the police on the NoPixel server.

He was sentenced to 224 months in prison, which didn’t sit well with him and many of his fans. They let him know they were heading to other streams to complain. After reading that from his viewers, xQc remarked, “thank god,” which is assumed to be the cause for his ban.

This was his third ban from the server, the first for breaking server rules and the second for using a banned glitch against NoPixel’s police.

Thankfully xQc and his fans won’t need to look elsewhere to get their GTA RP fix, now that the streamer is fully back in the action on the streets of Los Santos.

It seems his legendary run on the server will continue, but hopefully with less disciplinary action happening in the future. One thing’s for sure though, comeback #3 should be anything but boring.

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