xQc slams Twitch viewers calling for return of BTTV’s “racist” ZULUL emote

. 1 year ago
xQc calls out racists over BTTV ZULUL emote
Twitch: xQc/BTTV

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has hit out at “racists” calling for the controversial ZULUL emote to be added back to Twitch enhancement plugin BetterTTV.

Back in February 2021, Better Twitch TV removed the emote from their directory, after a number of users reported it to be “racist” due to it presenting an imitation of blackface.

For those unaware, the ZULUL emote simply took the regular ‘LUL’ emote but made the skin tone darker, hence the ‘blackface’ accusations.

Naturally, there were strong arguments made both in favor of and against removing the emote, but to this day it remains unavailable — and xQc agrees with the decision.

ZULUL and LUL emote
The ZULUL emote was a blackface version of the LUL emote.

When the topic of the emote cropped up again during xQc’s Minecraft stream, he didn’t hold back in calling out the people who want to see it return.

“The lengths that the racists go to justify their shit is f**king insane,” the Twitch star said. “Out of every possible word out there, they can’t use one.”

He then mocked those calling for it to return, saying: “Yeah, but this, that, this, censoring, first amendment rights, second amendment juicer! I can’t blackface?! But this is art!”

He then went on to tell these people to “chill out,” asking if it “ever just comes across to you that you’re a racist and that’s about it?”

Finishing off by saying that “you’re not an artist, you’re a racist,” xQc clearly has no more patience for the conversation around the ZULUL emote. Much of his chat seemed to be in agreement with him, that there is no place for the emote on Twitch today.

Whether or not you agree with the emote being removed, don’t expect to see it popping up from xQc even if it does return. He’s made his mind up.

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