xQc speaks out after being banned from NoPixel GTA RP server

xQc looks at No Pixel GTA RP server ban live on Twitch.Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been indefinitely banned from the popular GTA RP ‘NoPixel’ server after the Twitch star hit several other roleplayers with his car, despite being told it was “against the rules” in the exclusive lobby.

GTA roleplaying ⁠— especially the NoPixel server ⁠— has enjoyed a resurgence on Twitch in the past few weeks, led by personalities like Summit1g and xQc. In particular, after the decline of Rust, xQc has become a server regular.

At first, it seemed a perfect fit. Like Rust, the GTA lobby seemed a perfect place for xQc’s wild personality to come to the fore. He quickly settled in as a rogue player, running from the cops and scamming other players (while rolepaying) in get-rich-quick plots and harebrained schemes.

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Police in GTA OnlineRockstar Games
GTA RP’s NoPixel server has some rules that are enforced, no matter how big the streamers playing are.

xQc removed from NoPixel GTA RP server

On February 22, the Twitch star was locked out of the server, following several instances where he struck other roleplayers with his car and fled ⁠— called “VDM,” or vehicle deathmatch, in RP circles ⁠— over the past few days.

xQc was left stunned as he repeatedly tried to login. “Well… okay, yeah, they really did ban me,” he said. “That’s f**king… okay?”


xQc tells his side of the story

The Twitch streamer, who was forced to swap to Minecraft during the broadcast as a result of the NoPixel ban, said he had been unaware of the “rules” when he began ramming other players, and didn’t think it constituted a ban.

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“Yeah, I broke the rules, I said I wouldn’t do any more “VDM” and people know that though. I showed all the signs, legitimately, genuinely, that it was bad or you couldn’t do it in the way that I did it,” he said.

“I didn’t know you couldn’t ram [other players] in that context,” he added. “Whatever I did, I admitted to it. Yeah, I broke the rules. I said, ‘If I do this again, I’ll park my car in the middle of the road, instead of driving them into other cars’.”

He was silent for a moment, before adding: “Rules are broken every minute there.”

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While the initial NoPixel ban message did read “permanent,” many fans may still expect xQc to be unbanned sometime in the near future.

The former Overwatch pro player was summoned to a meeting with the GTA server moderators to discuss his “VDM” antics, as well as several metagaming accusations he leveled at Summit1g over the weekend, but apparently overslept.

He was then greeted with the ban, which asked him to “talk with staff.”

It is unclear if xQc has reached out to the ‘NoPixel’ mods yet, though he did suggest on-stream he was planning to in the “next few days.” Dexerto will keep you updated on the streamer’s GTA RP ban, which remains permanent for now.

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