xQc reveals that he’s a co-owner of Nopixel GTA RP server

xQc speaking about co-owning NoPixel RP serverTwitch: xQc

xQc has revealed on a recent stream that he is now a part owner of the well-known GTA roleplay server NoPixel.

Twitch superstar xQc has had quite a history with NoPixel. The well-known GTA role-play server has banned the streamer several times over their years together, with the most recent one taking place in January of 2022. Fortunately for xQc, the ban was only for 24 hours, instead of the much stricter ‘permanent’ one he received the year prior.

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Despite the conflicting opinions the streamer and server have had over the years, xQc’s GTA RP streams have been absolutely huge in terms of viewership, attracting audiences of over 100,000 Twitch users to his channel on multiple occasions.

Now it appears xQc has taken it a step further with NoPixel, as he’s revealed that he is now a co-owner of the most iconic GTA RP server.

xQc reveals he now owns 25% of the GTA RP NoPixel server

Whilst responding to chat on stream during a May 30 Twitch broadcast, the streamer wanted to clear the air before he fully announced it.

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“Okay, here’s the gist of it. I’m going to say and then explain why and how. Okay okay. Koil owned 100% of NoPixel. Okay. Then me and Buddha came in, and then Koil now owns 50%, I own 25% and Buddha owns 25%. And together, we own the whole NoPixel world.”

xQc was sure to also clarify what his role would be in the ownership of the RP server, aware that players would be worried after his “explosive” past.

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“But wait, a bunch of people are going to get worried. Because yeah I was a really explosive part of it. I got banned a bunch of times. My involvement in the whole NoPixel RP, the whole realm has nothing to do with any admin decisions, admin whatever, bans, unbans, rules, anything at all,” the streamer stated.

We’ve yet to see what this will mean for the NoPixel server, as xQC has yet to make the announcement. However, with the streamer becoming a partial owner, it may signify big changes coming to the server soon.

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