GTA RP streamer RatedEpicz responds after mysterious ban from NoPixel

RatedEpicz logo side-by-side with NoPixel logoRatedEpicz/NoPixel

Popular GTA RP streamer RatedEpicz has been hit with a permanent ban from the NoPixel server, and even he says he is not clear on why he was banned.

The NoPixel server recently celebrated the second anniversary of the popular 3.0 update that saw GTA RP, once again, boom in popularity and start to dominate on Twitch as everyone wanted to get involved.

While that popularity has started to quieten down a bit over the last few months, especially as big variety streamers have walked away from it, there are still plenty of hardcore roleplayers going strong. 

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However, fans of the servers have been left confused by the news that Chang Gang member RatedEpicz – who plays the Randy Bullet character – has been banned from NoPixel. And, it seems as if he won’t be able to overturn it anytime soon. 

NoPixel owner Koil discusses RatedeEpicz perma ban

The Facebook Gaming streamer was banned on April 2, as several fans noted that his NoPixel forum account had been struck down by the banhammer out of the blue. 

Any indefinite bans, or bans over 30 days, see accounts hit with the ‘permanently banned’ tag, but they can usually appeal it – just like how xQc returned to the server time and time again when he played. However, according to NoPixel owner Koil, Rated is unlikely to make a return.

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“Every staff member pretty much unanimously decided to remove him from the community essentially, and that’s likely to not change even after 30 days,” Koil said. “That’s all you’re going to get, that’s all you’re going to know, and that’s just it.”

RatedEpicz responds to NoPixel ban

On April 5, RatedEpicz responded to the situation, but was unable to provide much clarity either.

“It was something along the lines of breaking terms of service,” he said. “That’s really all I know. I don’t want anyone bothering anyone. I will try to find out more.

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“I also know I’m not like an evil person. But I will continue to stream, and try to figure stuff out. Play a lot of variety, switch it up. Obviously, it’s concerning, like, getting thrown out like that. But I’m sure we can figure it out. That’s really all I know for now.”

Back in January, the streamer was called out by his previous partner for alleged emotional abuse when they were dating.

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