xQc addresses claims he’s to blame for NoPixel players being banned from GTA RP server

Josh Taylor
xQc looking at camera in black shirt side-by-side with nopixel logo

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel gave an emotional response on a recent stream after GTA RP players blame him for being banned from the NoPixel server due to his new co-ownership.

xQc’s streaming dominance over the recent years, such as being stated as the most-watched streamer on Twitch for the past three years, has presented many lucrative opportunities for the streamer. The most recent being his record-breaking $100 million deal to stream on Kick, which was announced on June 16 of this year.

The streamer has also been pivotal in the boom of the widely-successful NoPixel GTA RP server over the years. As a result, on May 30, it was announced that he owns 25% of the server. xQc stated: “Koil owned 100% of NoPixel. Okay. Then me and Buddha came in, and then Koil now owns 50%, I own 25% and Buddha owns 25%. And together, we own the whole NoPixel world”.

Since his 25% ownership announcement, this has led to xQc facing a number of controversies across online platforms regarding the RP server. xQc has emotionally addressed these concerns on a recent livestream on July 24.

He said: “Some people say really dumb s**t that’s unfounded and really dumb sometimes. Do not listen to stupidity that you read online.”

The streamer went on to confirm that he has no control regarding the management of the server and specifically for banning NoPixel GTA RP players. “It’s not because I own part of NoPixel that I have any administrative power or duties when it comes down to people getting banned,” he added.

Further confirming and showing his frustrations that he has no direct involvement with the running of the server: “I have absolutely no power in any capacity!”

How have xQc and NoPixel GTA RP fans reacted?

Fans on Reddit and YouTube have reacted to xQc’s response, with one user stating: “xQc was brought in to sell the server to his viewers, nothing else”.

The Canadian has been dipping in and out of RP recently, playing it while not streaming in some cases.