xQc banned from popular DayZ server just for being a streamer

Jeremy Gan
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xQc was unexpectedly banned from a DayZ server for the simple fact he was a big streamer, with the admin personalizing his ban message with the comment: “Thanks, but no thanks.”

xQc is one of the biggest streamers around, however, big streamers attract stream snipers, and because of that very problem, it can lead to frustrations all around. Not just for the streamers themselves, but the servers that they may be playing on. 

This is what happened to xQc when, during a March 31 broadcast, he found himself unexpectedly banned from a DayZ server for the simple fact he was a streamer. 

As he was playing, equipping items in his inventory, xQc found himself suddenly kicked out of the server with a ban message from the server’s admin reading, “Thanks, but no thanks.” 

After furiously questioning why he got banned, Greekgodx, whom he was playing with, said, “You just got kicked because you’re a streamer.” xQc responded angrily, “Bro I’m [just] playing the video game.”

xQc went on to argue that he was doing everything a streamer should be doing on DayZ correctly. “Brother, I was roleplaying, I didn’t do anything… I literally hid the server, I did everything nice, I was just playing on the server.” 

The mega streamer would go on to leak the server address to his viewers after the punishment, reading the server’s name, which was a DayOne server, and showing its address blatantly, seemingly in retaliation

Commenters weren’t exactly sympathetic to the server’s admins. “As a DayZ player myself, I can say, the admin kicked him most likely because DayZ server owners are strict when it comes to the exact players (stream snipers) he attracts,” one commenter said

“DayZ is fun but the server admins are complete social degenerate nerds with a weird power trip,” another said. 

For now, xQc remains permanently blocked from one of DayZ’s most popular servers.

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