xQc slams GTA RP viewers making it “unenjoyable” to stream

Connor Bennett
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Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has explained why he refuses to stream GTA RP at times, claiming some viewers make it “unenjoyable” with their input. 

GTA RP has been around on Twitch for almost a decade, but it only really exploded in popularity around NoPixel’s 3.0 update back in 2021. The massive server upgrade saw a number of Twitch’s biggest names want to take part, and that included xQc. 

When he first joined, the Canadian streamer did things with no regard for the rules – and that saw him being banned a handful of times. However, he was invited back each time and even ended up joining the server’s police force with his second character. 

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Despite becoming a part owner of the server towards the end of the 3.0 era, he shelved the roleplay for other games. Yet, he has returned following the 4.0 update and seems to be having a fair bit of fun.

xQc explains why he has more fun playing GTA RP off-stream

xQc has made one pretty big change this time around, however, as he’s started reigning himself in and not playing on-stream as much as he did beforehand. 

“I RP off-stream all the time, if I want to do it, I just do it,” the streaming star said, noting that he’d been playing without viewers recently because of the trouble that some of them cause. “Look at all the malders, just one convo and now it’s unenjoyable as f*ck.

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“If they didn’t do it, maybe it’d be fun to do it on stream. I had to do it off-stream because it’s time that I enjoy spending. I can spend time with friends online, playing other games, but these days that’s what I do to enjoy my night – just socialize and talk in-game. It is what it is.”

It’s not the first time that xQc has hit out at his viewers over their attitude to RP, as he previously said he “hates” streaming GTA despite loving playing it

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The former Overwatch pro clearly isn’t going to give up playing RP at any point, but don’t bank on him increasing the RP streams.

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