xQc takes aim at Twitch streamers who “scam” viewers with cryptocurrency advice

xQc Slams Twitch Streamers Cryptocurrency AdviceTwitch: xQc / Wikimedia Commons

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel slammed Twitch streamers who “scam” their audiences with cryptocurrency advice, claiming it’s a “bunch of dogsh*t” and he’s sick of hearing them rave on about it only to fall silent two weeks later.

Cryptocurrencies have been all the rage for a while now, with the latest trend being the ebbs and flows of Dogecoin. Some streamers and esports organizations have cashed in on the trend too by promoting specific cryptocurrencies, although they’re quick to claim it isn’t financial advice.

However, it’s widely considered to be unethical since it has the possibility of coercing people into making poor investments that could lose them excessive amounts of money, regardless of whether that was the intention.

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For example, Frazier ‘FaZe Kay’ Khattri recently acknowledged that it was “irresponsible” for him to speak publicly about certain cryptocurrencies without knowing more, although he maintained that he had no “ill intent” in promoting them.

But that hasn’t stopped people from expressing their concerns about such behavior on a grand scale, including xQc, who slammed streamers in general for “scamming” their audiences with poor cryptocurrency advice.

Doge meme with the DogecoinRyzhi/Atsuko Sato
Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created by software engineers that was intended to be a joke.

First, he mocked them by impersonating them with a dull tone. “Bitcoin will be the only currency within three months,” he said sardonically. “Bitcoin will control your brain at a remote distance. Within two weeks, every country will drop their currency and have Bitcoin only.”

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Then, he explained that he believes streamers who spout cryptocurrency advice regularly need to “f**king relax about it” and said the same thing applies to those who harp on about “NFTs [being] the future,” claiming it’s a “bunch of dogsh*t.”

“Every influencer says that when they’re scamming their audience with a bunch of dogsh*t. And then two weeks later, you never hear about it again,” he said.

It’s likely to be a hot topic in the upcoming weeks as the global cryptocurrency market cap continues to fall.

But while streamers will escape any legal repercussions for insisting their comments were never intended to be financial advice, it might lose them some fans along the way.

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