xQc “hates” streaming GTA RP despite loving NoPixel 4.0 update

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Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel says he “hates” streaming GTA RP despite the fact he loves actually playing on the NoPixel server. 

Over the last few years, GTA RP has had a pretty big resurgence on Twitch. The multiplayer mod’s popularity has been helped by some big streamers hopping onto servers like NoPixel and staying pretty committed while also mingling with hardcore roleplayers. 

Despite being banned from time to time, xQc has been at the forefront of that. The Canadian streaming star has caused chaos on NoPixel – which he now part owns with other streaming stars like Buddha – as Jean Paul/X, proving himself to be one of the deadliest criminals in RP. 

He had taken a break from roleplaying towards the end of NoPixel’s 3.0 update, focusing on other games instead, but has returned to RP now that the 4.0 update is live. However, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. 

xQc “hates” GTA RP streams despite loving NoPixel 4.0

The streaming star, who splits his time between Kick and Twitch, does get a fair few comments from fans who want to see him play something other than GTA RP – even if he is enjoying himself. 

That has, naturally, created some issues. “Listen, I wish you understood that playing RP is the most fun thing I’ve had in like the last two years,” he said during his January 8 stream. 

“And then it’s the most unfun thing to stream in like the last three to five years. Actually, it is so unfun it’s unbelievable. I hate doing it, I hate it.”

Plenty of streamers have had similar issues with their community getting too involved in wanting to dictate what they do in-game, and have even attacked other members in the community. 

If it becomes too much, xQc will likely take a break from streaming RP – as he has done in the past – and just play off-stream instead. Though, there are plenty of fans who absolutely do not want that to happen.

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