xQc blames viewers for lack of GTA RP streams: “It’s unstreamable”

Jeremy Gan
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xQc is blaming his viewers for his lack of GTA RP streams of late, claiming his chat makes the broadcasts “unstreamable” for the social media star. 

xQc and GTA RP are almost synonymous with each other, as xQc undoubtedly helped give rise to GTA’s once niche subgenre. With xQc enjoying the plethora of funny moments that come with it, despite the multiple bans along the way.

To the point that xQc even became a co-owner of one of GTA RP’s biggest servers, NoPixel, getting a 25% stake in the company, which solidified his space in the RP world. 

However, despite still being one of his most streamed categories, it seems he has been slowing down on it, now pinning the pivot on unruly viewers in his chat. 

While signing off a Kick stream after a GTA RP broadcast on February 20, xQc got into an argument with one of his viewers as they questioned some of the decisions he made in RP. 

“You spammed full of hatred and dogs***. Bro, you were saying some of the most hateful s*** in chat as soon as I turned off emote only mode,” he told the viewer. “Like, do you not see how decent it was, the whole thing?” 

xQc continued, “I don’t care, it was fine, I was laughing, like, we’re just chilling, and you’re just malding and making the experience miserable. Why do you think we don’t get more roleplay anymore?” 

He berated the viewer, saying, “Because you’re a s*** f***ing viewer bro, it’s lame as f***… It’s legitimately unstreamable. It’s actually trash.” 

Needless to say, the viewer in question was most likely banned by xQc’s moderation team, and it seems likely xQc will be doing more GTA RP streams with emote only enabled on his chat, if he continues the RP at all that is.

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