xQc explains how GTA RP relationships can actually lead to real-life romance

xQc talks to his chatTwitch: xQc

GTA RP servers have risen in popularity in the past years, and Twtich streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel has explained how in-game relationships can become real. 

While reacting to a stream from NoPixel streamer RatedEpicz, xQc discussed how he has witnessed relationships created in these servers become real. He specifically talked about how relationships in the popular NoPixel server seem to become real after some time. 

“Most RP dating ended up becoming a real dating [situation]” he says to his chat. “At 90 percent of what I’ve seen on NoPixel.” 

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He also told the chat an anecdote of people “cheating” on their partners through RP servers, where they would go on dates in game, assuring their real-life partners it was nothing, only for it to become very real. In fact, he even claimed 50 percent of all virtual relationships can become very real through the NoPixel server. 

Many in xQc’s chat highlighted the fact his former partner, Adept, also had an in-game boyfriend prior to their divorce. A Redditor mentioned how this pretty much happens in any game where people roleplay in it, saying, “who would have thought that spending time with someone every day, talking to them every day, and sharing similar interests would cause you to grow feelings for them?”

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xQc’s statement came in response to a Tweet, from a now private account, accusing NoPixel’s RatedEpicz of homophobia, harassment, and emotional abuse. According to the streamer, the relationship started when they met in a relationship-focused GTA RP server.

RP servers have had a huge history of in-game relationships, with people following every single move a player makes, especially in NoPixel. With an entire Wiki being made to document some of the server’s biggest names and their historical activities in the server, it’s clear the level of engagement is more authentic than most would think at first glance.

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