GTA Online Gun Van: Battle Rifle, daily location, weapons, more

Connor Bennett
GTA online Gun Van seller sitting in van

GTA Online’s new Gun Van is finally here and it contains some of the best weapons in the game. Here’s what you need to know about it and the Gun Van’s location today.

While plenty of Grand Theft Auto fans are still waiting for more information about GTA 6, given that we’ve finally seen a trailer, Rockstar Games have been moving forward with updates for GTA Online. 

The game devs have dropped a few big updates, including the Los Santos Drugs War update and The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid – the latter of which being the first heist in GTA Online for four years. The Drug Wars update, though, gave us the Gun Van and Acid Lab business.

GTA Online Gun Van daily location & mini-map blip

If you haven’t already seen the previous leaks and rumors about the Gun Van, well, it’s a pretty simple thing to understand. 

Some of the best weapons that you could previously purchase at Ammu-Nation have now been placed in the Gun Van, which will turn up at different locations around Los Santos. Unlike Little Jacob from GTA 4, this isn’t a service you call and it’ll arrive at your location, instead, you’ll have to go to it. 

The gun van isn’t actually shown on the map unless you go near it or subscribe to GTA+. Though, we know its location. On June 20, the Gun Van is located down at Vespucci Beach.

GTA Gun Van mini map marker near Vespucci Beach
The Gun Van can be found near Vespucci Beach.

GTA Online Gun Van weapon stock

As noted, the Gun Van is home to some of the best weapons you can wield in GTA Online, including the newly released Battle Rifle from the Chop Shop update, the Grenade Launcher, and more.

Don’t expect a discount just because you’re not using Ammu-Nation, however, the weapons are still costly. You can find a full list of the current stock below:

  • Battle Axe (30% off, GTA+ 30% off)
  • Tactical SMG (10% off, GTA+ 40% off)
  • Unholy Hellbringer (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Sniper Rifle (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Marksman Pistol (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Battle Rifle (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Molotov (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Grenade (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Pipe Bomb (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Super Light Armor (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Light Armor (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Standard Armor (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Heavy Armor (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
  • Super Heavy Armor (10% off, GTA+ 20% off)
Gun Van stock in GTA Online on April 4
You can find the hottest weapons in GTA Online’s Gun Van.

This stock could change as a way for Rockstar to balance things out, but we’ll have to wait and see if and when they choose to do so. 

If there are any big changes made to the Gun Van mechanic, we’ll have them here. So, keep checking back for more.