Take-Two boss explains “challenges” Rockstar face making GTA 6

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 leaked content in GTA online

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has opened up about “challenges” Rockstar Games is facing to make GTA 6 “perfect.”

GTA 6 could very well be the most-anticipated game of all time and living up to the immense hype has become quite the obstacle for the developers at Rockstar.

For years now, fans have been anxiously awaiting an official reveal from the company. Instead, they have only told that its development is “well underway” as the team looks to set new “entertainment benchmarks.”

Now, during a recent appearance on The Aarthi and Sriram Show, Zelnick revealed that Rockstar is facing some difficulties making the game the absolute perfect piece of art it can be.

Rockstar is “seeking perfection” with GTA 6

Zelnick began by discussing “changes” to series’ to carry them forward and used the Civilization series as an example of a game where fans might not enjoy the modifications that come with every installment.

“You identify a significant issue whenever we put out a sequel or even more in Civilization, really recreate the franchise. I think that’s a challenge that the folks that Rockstar face every time there’s a new iteration of Grand Theft Auto,” he explained.

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“It needs to be something you’ve never seen before on the one hand, and it needs to reflect the feeling that we have about Grand Theft Auto. That’s a big challenge for the team. Now, Rockstar’s answer is just to seek perfection. Seek nothing short of perfection, and we’ll get there.”

The Take-Two CEO didn’t elaborate on GTA VI, but he did drop a pretty big hint about when it might release during the last earning call by suggesting that 2024 would be a monster year profit-wise.

That also lined up with reports that Rockstar is targeting a 2024 launch, but whether or not the game will reach that state of “perfection” Zelnick referenced remains to be seen.

Regardless, fans were pretty impressed with the leaked footage from earlier last year, and if that’s anything to go off, GTA 6 is going to absolutely break the internet when the company finally unveils the game with an official trailer.