GTA 6: Take-Two CEO responds to release date question and predicts big profits

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Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick dropped big news about a possible GTA 6 release date when asked about when Rockstar will be ready to ship the game.

GTA 6 has become one of, if not the most, anticipated game of all time with fans anxiously awaiting for Rockstar to finally unveil the next Grand Theft Auto installment.

Players got their first glimpse of the game in action following a massive leak back in 2022. Gameplay videos confirmed many rumors about the game, such as a return to Vice City and a playable female protagonist, but Rockstar has remained mum on official details.

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However, the wait might soon be coming to an end. During a recent interview, Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two, had a very interesting response to a question about GTA 6’s release.

GTA 6 release date teased by Take-Two CEO

Sitting down with CNBC, Zelnick was asked point-blank when the ship date for GTA 6 will be and the CEO hinted that it could be coming in very soon.

“We leave the announcement of upcoming titles to our labels and we have said we have a very robust pipeline of titles and we have a great outlook for fiscal 2025 where we’ve reiterated our belief that we’ll generate about $8 billion in net bookings,” he replied.

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“So pretty exciting time. But we haven’t spoken about the specific release schedule and we have titles coming from all of our labels.”

Zelnick had hinted that GTA 6 could be coming in 2024 or 2025 before, hyping up the predicted financials in investor calls which seemed to point towards the game finally coming out in a couple of years. This also lines up with reports by journalist Jason Schreier.

When pressed about GTA 6’s development cost, rumored to be one of the most expensive games of all time to make, Zelnick was confident that the game would make a ton of cold hard cash.

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“The Grand Theft Auto franchise is probably perhaps the most profitable franchise in the history of entertainment. We focus on costs, of course, we have a three-part strategy. Be the most creative, be the most innovative, be the most efficient… undoubtedly a title like Grand Theft Auto will always be highly profitable,” he stated.

Interestingly, the CEO once again reduced to call the upcoming game GTA 6, so it’s still unclear if the title will follow previous naming conventions or be something bigger for Rockstar.

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With a 2024 release looking even more likely, it may not be much longer until Rockstar breaks the internet by dropping an official trailer.

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