GTA 6 might be easier to develop with AI but Take-Two won’t drop the price

Ethan Dean
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A GTA 6 studio executive revealed their plans for the use of generative AI in the company’s future. However, despite a potential reduction in costs from efficiency, games won’t get any less expensive.

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games of all time and thanks to Rockstar, we know a trailer is right around the corner. Despite all the hype around it though, GTA 6 could leave a bad taste in the mouths of gamers, and not because they drank their own pee.

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The widespread use of AI in games is a controversial subject, particularly where creative disciplines are concerned. Xbox recently landed in some hot water after announcing that generative AI will be used for scripts and dialogue in their games.

Now it looks like Take-Two and Rockstar will be following suit according to a recent earnings call. Some players have rationalized the use of AI in game development by saying it will make things cheaper, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick says it might but those savings won’t be passed on to gamers.

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GTA 5 MichaelRockstar Games
Zelnick made no mentions of AI being used for voicework or writing which is a plus.

“Our entertainment properties are created largely in and by computers. We value tools. We create those tools internally, and we license tools as well,” Zelnick explained to investors. “The new developments in AI are really exciting, and I’ve said publicly and repeatedly that I believe that they’ll help create efficiency.”

Echoing popular sentiment from supporters of generative AI in development, Zelnick expressed that the technology could reduce busywork. “The changes will be – menial work will probably be reduced or eliminated; high-level work will be enhanced in importance,” he said.

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“Our strategy is to be the most creative, the most innovative, and the most efficient company in the business, and I think AI probably ticks all three boxes,” Zelnick asserted. “But don’t expect the price tags to go down. Just expect everything to get better.”

Despite his insistence that “creative people” will still be needed, critics have suggested that increased implementation of AI will cost human jobs. Given the massive amounts of layoffs in the industry this year, you could be forgiven for assuming they’re correct.

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Rockstar RobotRockstar Games
Image of a new Rockstar developer working on GTA 6 probably…

Zelnick also expects “competition to become more intense for people who are not able to avail themselves of the resources that we can afford”. Reading between the lines, it can be assumed that he means smaller developers who cannot afford licenses to certain tech may flounder in this new age. 

It’s not yet known how this generative AI has impacted the development of GTA 6 or exactly how it has been used. We expect more news will make its way to us following the trailer reveal in December and you’ll find our coverage of it here.

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