Take-Two CEO addresses GTA 6 price concerns amid rumors of cost increase

Jeremy Gan
GTA 6 promo splash art

Ahead of GTA 6’s release, rumors of a price increase have begun to circulate, leading to Take-Two’s CEO to address the matter.  

If all goes to plan, GTA 6 will be 2025’s biggest release as the long-awaited installment in the massively popular open-world series will finally be in our hands.

Rumors of the upcoming GTA potentially costing as much as $150 on release set the internet ablaze in 2023, however, Take-Two had never previously addressed the game’s price… until now.

In Take-Two’s May 2024 earnings call, CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked about GTA 6 and the studio’s entire portfolio, to which he addressed what pricing for their future games may look like. 

As reported by GameSpot, Zelnick said, “Look, there’s more content constantly being made available, and we really aim to deliver great value at any given time.

“We’re so focused on delivering more value than what we charge. And that’s the sort of rubric. And any time we establish a price, we want to make sure that it’s good news for the consumer; that the experience vastly over-delivers in the context of the cost. That’s the goal.” 

Despite not mentioning it explicitly, it’s clear Zelnick believes if they charge above the standard retail price for GTA 6 down the line, it would “over-deliver based on its cost.” Of course, that will be for the general player base to judge upon release. 

Take-Two was one of the first game publishers to increase its prices for new-gen games, ramping up to $70 back in 2023, with several other publishers such as Nintendo, Sony, and Ubisoft following suit shortly after. 

Zelnick had said in 2023 that the company hadn’t experienced any “pushback” from customers because of the change, and is sticking to their pricing strategy.

Now, as we wait for GTA 6’s release, fans will have to wait and see just how much Take-Two will increase game prices, if that’s the direction they head down once again.