Rockstar targeting 2024 release for GTA 6 according to insider

GTA 6 leaked mapRockstar Games

Rockstar are apparently eyeing a late 2024 release for GTA 6 according to insider TezFun, though that could slip into early 2025.

It’s been a few months since the world finally got a glimpse of what Rockstar is cooking up with Grand Theft Auto 6, after massive leaks revealed some gameplay snippets and an early look at characters.

Since then, the iconic game devs have been keen to stress patience, especially as the developers have been hit ’emotionally and personally’ by their work leaking out way early.

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Those leaks had some fans theorizing that the game may release before the end of 2023, especially as some supposed leakers claimed that Rockstar would have already announced it by now. Though, it appears the wait will be going on a little longer yet. 

GTA 6 release window targeted for holiday 2024

That’s according to noted Rockstar insider TezFun, who gave an update on the game’s release with a comment on the GTA Forums site. 

“Their aimed-always-changing-not-set-in-stone deadline is holiday 2024,” Tez commented. “Which has been pushed back multiple times the past few years. Unfortunately, it could slip into early 2025 as well.”

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Tez added that they “personally see the announcement as a given this year,” but there isn’t any mention about a specific date or timeframe for that. 

The reputable insider did also note that portions of the game could be cut to give GTA 6 some DLC. That was somewhat the case with GTA 5, as some of the GTA Online updates had reportedly been earmarked for single-player previously. 

It remains to be seen as to exactly when we’ll get the highly-anticipated next isntalment in the GTA franchise, but at least things appear to be gathering pace.

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