Summit1g loses it after GTA RP player accidentally makes hilarious police mistake

Summit1g loses it after GTA RP player accidentally makes hilarious police mistakeTwitch: Summt1G / Rockstar Games

Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar lost it after fellow GTA RP streamer and professional baseball player Bryce ‘HutchMF’ Hutchinson accidentally confessed to stealing a car in front of a police officer.

The battle between criminals and police officers on the NoPixel GTA RP server has been waging since the moment it went live. Many streamers like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Sykkuno, and of course, Summit1G, have hopped in and out of the fray.

However, Summit1G is still going strong on the server.

And despite making a police officer character in April 2021, he regretted it and went back on his main character, Charles Johnson, a notorious criminal affiliated with the Chang Gang.

He’s had many hilarious and memorable moments on the server, and the latest one revolved around an awkward blunder from HutchMF, who confessed to stealing a car right in front of the police before jumping into Summit1G’s car.

GTA RP copRockstar Games
Summit1g has made GTA RP characters on both sides of the law.

“Hey, what up, Charles! Open up the trunk,” said Hutch. “I just got done stealing that four-door. I can’t drive that thing.” It was bad timing since a police officer, who was hot on his trail, happened to be right behind them.

“He’s joking, he’s joking,” laughed Summit1G as he tried to play it down. But the police officer confirmed it was “flagged as stolen.”

Then, Summit1G couldn’t help but laugh as Hutch climbed out of the car and called the police officer a “dog motherf**ker” before fleeing the scene in the stolen car.

After the incident happened, Summit1G went off to do his own thing. But the hilarious interaction quickly became one of the highlights of his stream.

Moments like this are why GTA RP is still thriving after all these years. The entertainment value it produces is first-rate, and the opportunities are endless.