Summit1g grabs huge haul from insane GTA RP bank heist

Luke Edwards
Summit1g GTA RP
Twitch: Summit1g / Rockstar Games

Jarryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar is one of the most popular GTA RPers right now, and recently completed an impressive bank heist which saw him land a $300,ooo bounty.

GTA RP has taken over Twitch in 2021. With some of the biggest streamers including xQc, Sykkuno, and, of course, Summit, terrorizing the streets of Los Santos, GTA has displaced League of Legends as Twitch’s most-watched game this year.

One of the toughest tasks on the NoPixel server is pulling off a bank heist. Normally completed in squads, players have to simultaneously manage their hostages, keep the police at bay, and complete a series of puzzles to unlock the vaults.

Bank heists are something Summit has tried – and hilariously failed – to accomplish before. Lately, however, he was able to team up with his crew, The Chang Gang, to pull off one of the most impressive bank heists yet.

GTA Online cash
Rockstar Games
Bank heists are a popular – if risky – way of getting your hands on cash in GTA RP.

The gang had a five-step plan:

  1. Hack into the bank and collect the money
  2. Trade the hostages out for passage to a car
  3. Drive the car to the harbor and use a boat to getaway
  4. Take the boat to a warehouse to access a helicopter
  5. Fly the helicopter over Los Santos to a yacht and regroup

Of course, this would all go smoothly, without a hitch, right? Wrong. By the time they reached the harbor, the boat had despawned. This meant they had to swim to a warehouse, giving the police valuable time to catch up.

Ultimately, however, the gang was able to get away by the skin of their teeth and secure a cool $306,500.

“Pretty cool, pretty cool, not a bad heist,” Summit1g said on his stream. “It would’ve been better if the boat was there, then I would’ve felt better about it because we wouldn’t have gotten shot at.”

But Summit was still happy to have landed a healthy profit. “I’m going to invest this into the next job,” he added.

This accomplishment on NoPixel is one of Summit’s biggest yet in GTA RP, and fans will hope to see him go for even bigger and better heists in the future.