Summit1g admits he’s reconsidering GTA RP character change already

Summit1g and a GTA RP cop holding a gunTwitch: Summit1G/Rockstar

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar said he’s having second thoughts about being a cop in GTA RP after a few days of dabbling in the straight and narrow lifestyle. 

NoPixel’s 3.0 update has helped GTA RP springboard back to the top of the Twitch popularity charts, with some big-name streamers making their return after some time away.

That includes Summit who, for the past few years, has dabbled in GTA RP and NoPixel with his Charles Johnson persona. The leader of the 1G Squad typically plays a top-tier racer and criminal, but he’s made it known that he’s always wanted to play on the other side too, as a cop. 

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Well, in 3.0, his John Charleston character has finally taken shape as he’s been training with the police department and looking at rising through the ranks. However, he’s having second thoughts. 

Rockstar GamesRockstar Games
Summit1g’s Charles Johnson character is no stranger to the police.

During his April 26 stream, the Twitch star had been playing his cop character for a little bit before swapping back onto Charles. He found himself locked up in prison and talking to his viewers about different things. 

One viewer pointed out that some of his fellow gang members were on their cop characters instead, and asked if he was going to join them. “I’m having second thoughts on the cop character boys,” Summit said. “It’s been fun, the last couple of days doing it but I almost want to be more ready.”

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The former CS:GO pro explained that he was thinking about watching a few more cop streams first to get a better feel for things and pick up tips, rather than diving back in.

“I do like it, don’t get me wrong, it’s just like a comfort thing. I feel real comfortable on Charles, and I don’t feel comfortable at all on John Charleston,” he added. 

Having a backup character is something many GTA RP’ers do anyway, but making such a big change from a longtime criminal to a cop is always going to be difficult.

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Fans will be hoping that the variety streamer will jump back into PD work soon and takes the time needed to learn the ropes as it presents a whole new set of things to do in Los Santos.

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