Summit1g reveals big problem with NoPixel GTA RP public server

Summit1g and a GTA character running from an explosionTwitch: Summit1G/Rockstar

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has a slight problem with the current state of NoPixel’s public GTA RP server and he hopes it changes in the future.

After months of speculation and teasing, NoPixel finally launched their public GTA RP server on June 4, giving fans the chance to interact with some of their favorite characters.

The public server has quickly become home to players like xQc who have been banned from the main server before, and are looking to get back in after proving themselves as reformed.

While fans can sit in the queue for hours upon end hoping to get in, some characters from the main server have been hopping over and treating it like an alternate universe. While entertaining, it does make the server a little weird for Summit.

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GTA RP NoPixel logo on GTA 5 backgroundNoPixel/Rockstar
NoPixel’s public GTA RP server is open to everyone, but its tough to get in.

As he brought his June 6 stream to a close, the leader of the 1G squad was speaking to fans about a wide range of topics, when he spoke about how crazy the public server is right now, and how it hasn’t really settled into pure RP like the main server.

“It needs to get into a more settled spot,” Summit said. “The reason its so crazy right now is that whitelisted people on the main server are coming over to the pub to sh**lord.

“So, once it gets settled with the normal crew and gets a regular base, it’ll be a little bit better I think. Right now it’s all whitelisters s**tlording.”

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Summit added that it’ll “take time” for main server players to stop joking around on the public server, and then everyone else will have a better chance to get involved.

At the end of the day, it is a NoPixel server and issues do get rectified pretty quickly, so anyone who keeps using the public server in the wrong way might get banned. But for now, everyone’s having fu.