Summit1g teases big change to how he plays GTA RP on NoPixel server

Twitch: Summit1g / Rockstar Games / NoPixel

As one of the more popular figures in the Grand Theft Auto Roleplay (GTA RP) community, Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has teased a big shakeup to the way he plays on the NoPixel server.

Despite being one of the early faces of the GTA RP scene, Summit has been absent from the community for a little while. Ever since outlining his biggest issues with the NoPixel server, he’s been playing a mix of new titles instead.

From various MMOs and even a brief, record-breaking stint in Max Payne 3, the Twitch star has certainly been keeping busy. Though all the while, select fans have been clamoring to see him return to GTA RP for one particular reason.

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Races have become exceedingly popular on the NoPixel server of late.

Even though he’s on a break right now, Summit couldn’t resist teasing an eventual comeback to the GTA RP races during a recent stream.

GTA online gameplayRockstar Games
Races have started to take over on the popular NoPixel RP server.

“Man, you wanna know what’s funny? I might bring back controller racing Charles for the races,” he said early into a July 29 broadcast. “Racing’s gotten pretty serious over on NoPixel.”

With hundreds of hours dumped into GTA RP across a number of popular characters, Summit is evidently well aware of what’s needed to join the biggest races. Not only that, but he’s confident he could even win a few with the return of his Charles Johnson persona.

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Playing this character with a controller in hand, opposed to the traditional mouse and keyboard, could raise his chances of success even further, Summit hinted. “If I’m gonna be serious too, then yeah…the controller’s the next step. 

“I can be way more clean in my lines with a controller. That is gonna add up to catching people like the big dogs now. It will be worth losing out on a bit of vision around corners and stuff like that.”

This is all assuming Summit even wants to return, of course. For now, he’s “chilling on Final Fantasy XIV” after being welcomed with open arms by the MMO’s community.

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Therefore, there’s no telling when we may see these NoPixel races. It’s clear, however, that Summit has already thought it over, so it may not be long.