xQc responds to Summit1g calling him “annoying” over GTA RP drama

Summit xQc dramaTwitch: Summit1g/xQcOW

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has responded to a clip of Jared ‘Summit1g’ Lazar calling him “annoying” after the pair came into contact during a bank heist on the GTA RP NoPixel public server.

Since being banned from NoPixel in May, xQc has begun playing on a public server where the RP rules are significantly less strict. This has allowed him to take the whole experience less seriously and have a lot more fun.

Unfortunately, this can come at the cost of frustrating other players on the server and occasionally, a fellow streamer.

As Summit1g is roleplaying as a cop on the public server, he got called out to a heist on June 7 that xQc was involved in. It was obvious Summit wasn’t having any fun during their encounter and even described xQc as “annoying” at the end of his stream.

Well, on June 8, xQc saw the clip of Summit calling him out and decided to respond on stream.

GTA RP copRockstar Games
Summit1g roleplays as a cop on the NoPixel public server.

xQc responds to Summit1g calling him “annoying”

During his June 7 stream, Summit1g was called out to a heist on the NoPixel public server that involved xQc and a gang of other roleplayers.

The group was making jokes and clearly not taking the experience very seriously, and it was obvious it was starting to annoy Summit.

“They’re just s**t lording, it’s the same crew that was here before, I don’t think we need descriptions lets just wait for them, they’re just s**t lording around… yeah I’m about to shoot them in the f***ing head.”

After he stopped playing GTA. a viewer decided to ask Summit if he was still on good terms with xQc.

Summit responded by saying they’ve not fallen out, but he finds xQc annoying and blamed his behavior on the current state of the public server.

“He’s annoying dude, I’m still cool with him… it’s currently in s**tlord central, it’s understandable, you know what I’m saying? Between him and CG, those two squads are f***ing annoying.”

The next day on June 8, xQc was sent the video of Summit by one of his viewers and decided to respond to the clip on stream.

Instead of going on the attack, xQc acknowledged that he wasn’t taking it very seriously and was just trying to have some fun.

It was obvious from his reaction that he didn’t mean to annoy anybody and was just trying to produce great content for his stream.

“We were just trying to escape man, we were being kinda s**tlordy, but it wasn’t that bad… it was fun man, we had a lot of fun today, it was a really really good stream.”

While Summit was clearly annoyed at xQc during the heist, it’s unlikely that he’ll hold a grudge over it. After all, it’s no surprise xQc isn’t taking RP very seriously after his ban from the official server.

Let’s hope the pair of them can squash the drama and continue to provide viewers with great RP content on the public server.