Summit1g left in tears after breaking Max Payne 3 speedrun world record

Summit Max Payne 3 SpeedrunTwitch: summit1g/Rockstar Games

Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar was left speechless and in tears after breaking the Max Payne 3 hardcore speedrun world record.

Having started on the platform all the way back in 2011, Summit1g has since established himself as a household name on Twitch and one of the most well-known figures in the gaming community.

With nearly 6 million followers and over 35,000 loyal subscribers, the streamer can be found playing a variety of titles including GTA RP, Escape From Tarkov, and more recently, Max Payne 3.

The leader of the 1G Squad had decided to pick up the latter, attempting speed runs on the hardcore difficulty. Despite being incredibly talented at FPS games, he did not for a second expect to contest the record and was simply playing the game for content.

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However, on July 2, he managed to pull off the unthinkable and broke the world record speedrun for the game, leaving him and his viewers completely shocked.

Summit1g speedrunTwitch/summit1g
Summit1g has 5.9 million followers on Twitch.

Summit1g breaks Max Payne 3 speedrun world record

During his July 2 stream, Summit1g was attempting a Max Payne 3 hardcore speedrun while interacting with his viewers.

Despite the run starting off well, a few small mistakes throughout led Summit to assume that it wasn’t going to be a particularly impressive time.

As he approached the final moments of the game, he wasn’t paying attention to the timer and was just looking to finish the run off strong. It was only when viewers in his chat started going crazy that Summit realized what he’d managed to achieve.

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“What’s the world record? We didn’t get I don’t think boys… it’s 1:30:58? No, no, no f***ing way”.

Finishing the game in 1:30:52, the streamer managed to beat the previous record by six seconds.

He was so overwhelmed about the achievement it moved him to tears, showing exactly how much it meant to him.

“My first reaction is to f***ing cry, it’s not like I’ve put my f***ing heart and absolute soul into it yet, you know what I mean? I didn’t expect to get it on this run… I was even telling myself during this run, you’re so stupid for putting world record attempt in your title.”

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Breaking any speedrun world record is an unbelievable achievement, especially when there are players who dedicate thousands of hours to perfecting their runs.

Despite being known for FPS and RP gameplay, this record could mark a change for Summit and spur him on to stream more speedrun content.

No matter what he decides to do, this is a huge moment in Summit’s gaming career and it’ll definitely be one he remembers for a long time to come.