GTA Online leak reveals all drip-feed cars coming from Los Santos Tuners update

GTA online car from Los Santos Tuners updateRockstar Games

A fresh GTA Online leak has revealed the seven drip-feed cars that will be coming later in the summer as the Los Santos Tuners update continues to roll on.

After weeks of waiting, Rockstar Games finally dropped the 2021 summer update for GTA Online in the form of Los Santos Tuners.

As the name suggests, there is a massive focus on cars, but there’s plenty of new content too in the form of contract missions and new collectibles to uncover. Though, cars are the main focus.

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With the update, Rockstar added 10 new cars to the in-game stores and noted that a further seven would be coming through their usual drip-feed process. Now, a leaker has revealed all the details about what’s coming when, how much they’ll cost, and where you’ll be able to get them from.

Screenshot of LS Car Meet in GTA OnlineRockstar Games
The LS Car Meet is the hub of this Los Santos Tuners update.

All GTA Online drip-feed cars for Los Santos Tuners

As YouTuber Broughy1322 points out, Rockstar will drip-feed these cars out via their weekly updates. These are the updates that come out on a Thursday, and the first of which will come on July 29.

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The seven cars that have been held back for this process are split between those coming to Legendary Motorsports and those going to Los Santos Super Autos, with Legendary Motorsports getting four new cars versus three new rides for LSSA.

The four cars coming to Legendary Motorsports, in release order, are: Comet S2, Vectre, Growler, and Cypher. As for LSSA, they’ll have the Dominator ASP, Sultan RS Classic, and Previon.

While these cars are in release order for their own website, Rockstar will likely choose to splice the two together. For example, giving players a Legendary Motorsports car one week, and then adding one to LSSA the next, and continuing that pattern.

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Of course, we’ll know more as Rockstar starts to add them over the next few weeks, so if one takes your fancy, be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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