Summit1g blown away by “incredible” FFXIV Online community on stream

Summit1g FFXIVSummit1g / Square Enix

Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar’s was stunned by how welcoming FFXIV’s community is after joining a mass player gathering. 

Final Fantasy XIV has been enjoying a huge increase in popularity ever since an influx of new players have entered the game. In fact, things have gotten so hectic that the servers have been operating at full capacity. 

This is partly down to the current state of World of Warcraft’s latest Shadowlands expansion, which has left many fans looking for another MMO to sink their teeth into. 

Popular Twitch streamers like Asmongold and Summit1g have also been spotted digging into the game’s content, much to the delight of the wider FFXIV community. Not only have both streamers been enjoying Square Enix’s MMO, but the community has also been incredibly welcoming of new players. 

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Summit1g wowed by FFXIV community

Summit1g has recently been playing FFXIV on stream, where he’s been busy getting to grips with the game’s mechanics and taking down bosses. However, one player decided to surprise the popular streamer. “Ah, he’s bringing me to a rare Fate. Let’s stop and get this guy,” says Summit1g. 

The streamer gets out of his car and prepares himself for battle, but he is quickly surprised by what awaits him. After adjusting his camera, Summit1g sees a huge army of friendly players welcoming him outside a castle. “Oh, sh*t look at that! Wow, ok that’s a lot of dudes on mounts.” 

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Summit1g then slowly drove his way down the path towards the castle entrance, taking in the sheer number of players. “Thank you guys, wow, this is incredible. I appreciate this, this is super sick”. There were so many players that it appeared the game struggled to load them all in. 

“Wow, you guys have quite a f***ing community! I’m pretty god damn impressed,” says Summit1g. “Honestly, it’s f***ing nutty what you guys are capable of doing when you come together, it’s trippy sh*t you know. Thank you guys, it’s very kind of you.”

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The streamer certainly seemed taken aback by the overall support and it’s clear that Summit1g appreciated the warm welcome. There has never been a better time to join FFXIV, so find out how you can begin your own adventure