T-Pain claims Rockstar won’t let him play NoPixel due to GTA 6 involvement

Shay Robson

American rapper T-Pain has claimed Rockstar Games told him he’s not allowed to play popular GTA 5 roleplaying server NoPixel because of his involvement with GTA 6.

The world finally got a look at the next title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise in late 2023, with the first trailer for GTA 6 riddled with various easter eggs and nods to past titles.

Although the long-anticipated game isn’t slated for release until 2025, fans are still analyzing every part of the trailer in hopes of finding out more.

Many are convinced they’ve already figured out some of those involved with the game, and it appears that we’ll be seeing rapper T-Pain make an appearance.

T-Pain claims he can’t play NoPixel because of GTA 6

In a recent livestream, the 39-year-old responded to a fan questioning why he no longer plays NoPixel — a popular GTA 5 role-playing server. According to T-Pain, the Rockstar devs told him he’s no longer allowed to play NoPixel due to his involvement with GTA 6.

“I used to be on NoPixel then I started working on GTA 6 and they told me I couldn’t do RP anymore,” he claimed. “They had this whole speech like ‘what if somebody took your album and re-recorded it and more people were listening to that’.”

T-Pain added: “Then I’m like okay, I kind of get that but I was having a good time. Alright, that’s fine.”

Furthermore, T-Pain made note that he began working with Rockstar on GTA 6 before the company acquired FiveM, the developers behind GTA 5’s role-playing mod.

It’s unclear what role T-Pain could play in Grand Theft Auto 6. For now we’ll just have to wait and see until the game’s expected to release sometime in 2025.

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