GTA Online player sets Street Race world record and the prize money is embarrassing

GTA online player in a street raceRockstar Games

It’s the Olympics in real life, and while setting a record there will earn you a Gold Medal, GTA Online players aren’t getting the same level of recognition or reward for their record-setting performances.

If you’ve ever played an online game with a leaderboard, chances are you’ve dreamed about being ranked number one at some point.

Despite very few people actually managing to pull off a world record performance, one GTA Online player has discovered it’s not all it’s cracked up to be… that is, if it even was a record to begin with.

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Redditor ProdigySK took to the site to post a clip of their Street Race video under the caption “How is this a world record?”

After gaining an insurmountable lead over their opponent, ProdigySK passed the finish line and noted they recorded a best lap of 01:13:323.

Following this, a screen popped up stating “you set a world record.” As impressive as they may have been, the reward left a lot to be desired.

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In total, just $6,230 in-game dollars were added to their account, which seems like a fraction of what a world record performance actually deserves.

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GTA online world recordRockstar Games
$6,200 for a world record? Pass.

In the comments, some users agreed that a record race should earn players more like $1,000,000, while others argued that it wasn’t a record to begin with.

“Heard another dude say he got WR as well. It’s a bug. I’ve got 1:11 on this track so it definitely isn’t WR. Props on the clean driving though. Very satisfying watch,” one commented.

According to ProdigySK, this is the case. “I just did a 1:08.512 with an upgraded calico and it said world record again so it’s 100% bugged,” they added.

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GTA Online Summer UpdateRockstar Games
Players want more money for setting world records.

Regardless, even if it’s not exactly a world record time, the fact that players only gain a touch over $6,000 for winning isn’t exactly the best prize in the world.

Hopefully Rockstar can make the prizes for records a bit better when GTA 6 finally releases in a trillion years from now.

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