Rockstar pulls snowy April Fool’s prank on GTA Online fans

Rockstar / CheezhOfficial

It’s the first of April, but Winter has arrived in Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Online, as Rockstar pulls off their very own April Fool’s joke on players.

Just after a troll tried to pull an April Fool’s on fans hopeful for GTA 6, even creating a fake trailer and setting up an “official” Twitch stream, Rockstar are getting in on the fun too.

GTA Online may be years old now, but its player count has never dwindled, reaching peak popularity after the big Casino update in July 2019.

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GTA Online is now covered in snow.

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With much of the world now locked down, players are flocking to their virtual worlds instead, especially GTA and Red Dead Online, but if you logged in on April 1, you’d have been greeted by a snowy surprise.

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The entire map was coated in a thick layer of snow, both in Los Santos and Blain County, as well as New Austin. For one day only, a snow theme has been activated.

Players were immediately confused, wondering if they’d missed some sort of announcement, but it’s just a bit of fun from the team at Rockstar.

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So if you want to experience the normally sunny landscapes in a wintery mood (yes, even in April), there isn’t long to jump into GTA Online and try it out.

No GTA 6 prank from Rockstar

Although it would have been viciously cruel, some fans were actually expecting a completely different kind of prank on April Fool’s instead.

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There were countless leaks and rumors all claiming that something would be revealed about the next Grand Theft Auto game in March, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, nothing came of it.

But, Rockstar are sure to have seen all the buzz going around and it might have given them some fiendish ideas for an April Fool’s prank. Clearly they resisted any urge though, giving absolutely nothing away about their future development plans.