Experts predict potential GTA 6 release window

Rockstar Games

Another group of financial experts believe that they might know the release period for GTA 6 – and it might be sooner than you would expect. 

Even though GTA Online is still going pretty strong in terms of players, Grand Theft Auto fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on GTA 6. The new title, which has seemingly been confirmed as being in development by one actor, has fans whipped up into a frenzy. 

It didn’t help, however, when some jokesters decided to go live on Twitch with a stream that claimed to be revealing something about the new game – with them even going as far as dropping a GTA 6 ‘trailer’. Yet, despite all that, we might not be all that far away from the game being released.

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Rockstar Games
GTA 6 appears to be in development but a release date is a different matter.

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According to commentary from Intrepid Capital Funds, Take-Two – the publisher of Grand Theft Auto – is seen as a stock that is likely to earn investors plenty of cash in the long run because of the success of their releases.

The next one they point to is GTA 6 which, the company projects, will launch following the release of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Though both Microsoft and Sony have a Holiday 2020 release as their target, the fund suggests that GTA wouldn’t be a launch title.

Instead, according to their projections, this would be a “late 2020 or early 2021 event,” with no real month or date named as the target.

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Reddit: C0DESTR0NG
Intrepid’s projections put GTA 6’s release date as closer than expected.

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Of course, it is easy to suggest that GTA will be a next-gen console release – there had been rumors about it being a PS5 exclusive after all – but other financial projections had put it’s release date in the range of 2021-2022.

Though, suggesting that it could come not long after the new console release will certainly intrigue fans who haven’t held out much hope for a solid 2020 release date.

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Austrian games retailer Gameware, had an early listing for GTA VI that claimed it was coming in 2020, though that has since changed as the date has been removed. 

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At the end of the day, we’ll just have to wait and see if Rockstar decides to start the process of slowly dripping out information as they usually do in the build-up to a game’s launch.