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Why GTA Online ‘God Mode’ cheaters should be scared of the Up-n-Atomizer

Published: 30/Mar/2020 23:01

by David Purcell


Coming up against ‘God Mode’ cheaters in Grand Theft Auto 5 can be really frustrating, but there’s one weapon in GTA Online that allows players to swat them away like flies – and that’s the Up-n-Atomizer. 

This gun is like nothing else Ammu-Nation has to offer, with its futuristic look and hefty price tag in-game.

While that might put some people off the idea of purchasing one – as it is priced higher than some incredible cars at Legendary Motorsport and many properties on Dynasty 8 – there is one huge benefit to owning one… Cheaters don’t seem to stand a chance.


GTA Online Up-n-Atomizer
Rockstar Games / The Brothers, YouTube
A lot of GTA Online players will be wondering if the futuristic Up-n-Atomizer is worth the money.

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We had previously seen the Atomizer used for another useful use, flipping cars that had been stuck in confined spaces that they wouldn’t usually be able to get out from, although this one certainly takes the cake – especially if you’re being tested in GTA Online.

God Mode cheaters are rife in the game, with many whizzing around the Rockstar Games title not being able to be killed like other players.

However, the Up-n-Atomizer provides perfect counter-play to their non-dying ways. In fact, it’s even funnier that they don’t die and cannot escape it’s wrath – as seen in a clip from Reddit user shayankurdboy.


How to deal with a god mode hacker from gtaonline

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As seen above, the weapon can provide an incredibly effective way of handling opponents using God Mode – as long as they’re in range. Its blast completely floors them with just a single hit, launching them up and down, unable to combat the power of the weapon.

It’s a solution, but an expensive one at that, if you’re looking to solve your cheater problem in GTA Online. Available at Ammu-Nation, you can buy this futuristic blaster right over the counter for just under $400,000.

To make matters worse for the cheater in this clip, things were topped off as an NPC character came screaming down the road in their car and struck them clean on. Hopefully that, and others armed with Atomizers, will show cheaters where to go.