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GTA 6 countdown livestream trolls fans waiting on reveal from Rockstar

Published: 29/Mar/2020 15:59

by Calum Patterson


Grand Theft Auto fans eagerly awaiting news about GTA 6 are ready to eat up just about anything, so when a livestream entitled ‘GTAVI’ with a countdown and logo appeared on Twitch, there was immediate excitement.

Fans have been anticipating some kind of announcement or teaser from Rockstar throughout March, as supposed leakers suggested March 25 as the day GTA 6 would be unveiled.


Of course, this date came and went with no announcement, leaving the hopefuls confused and disappointed. Only days later, and an unexpected Twitch channel called GTAVI came online, complete with a logo and countdown timer.

GTA VI stream on Twitch
The livestream featured a countdown timer in the bottom left, and a sported a professional-looking GTA VI logo.

Viewers came and went to the stream, as it was shared around on social media. The creator had clearly pulled out all the stops to make it seem legitimate too.


The description linked to Rockstar’s website, and had promotions for linking your Twitch and Rockstar account. “Welcome to our official Grand Theft Auto VI Twitch Channel,” the description reads, “throughout the next coming days we’ll be broadcasting announcements and sneak peaks live through the power of Twitch!”

Small errors, like the misspelling of ‘peeks’ here, and the lack of a verified badge on the channel, clearly indicate that this is not a real, official livestream at all, but simply a fan creation. But, the biggest troll of all is the countdown itself, as it takes us right up to April fool’s day.

Rockstar Games
Rumors suggest GTA will return to Vice City.

It appears the creator of this livestream is hoping to get eager GTA 6 fans hyped up and attract lots of attention for when the countdown finally ends, only to pull a big April Fool’s joke.


However, the information used to make the stream seem real, is clearly based on prior leaks about the next Grand Theft Auto. Many theories suggest a return to Vice City is likely, for example.

On March 28, actor Jorge Consejo seemingly confirmed that the game was in development after ‘Grand Theft Auto VI (2018) was spotted on his CV. His role was simply titled ‘The Mexican.’

Officially, however, there is absolutely no confirmation that Rockstar are even working on another GTA game. Publisher Take-Two did say that new releases from their biggest franchises were in development, but GTA was never explicitly mentioned.


For now, we only have leaks to go off. We’ve put together a list of the most believable GTA 6 leaks so far here.


Leaked GTA 6 map possibly teased in Grand Theft Auto V

Published: 19/Oct/2020 19:02

by Michael Gwilliam


The newly surfaced GTA 6 Vice City map leak may have been teased as far back as Grand Theft Auto V, judging by some postcards found in-game.

A bunch of previously dismissed Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks from 2018 have been gaining attention again after a new leak sparked similarities to those images.


With these leaks gaining traction once more, users have been searching for anything that may connect directly to them. As it turns out, some postcards found at a strip club in GTA V could provide some clues.

Redditor ‘MrBurpAlot’ took to the GTA6 section to post their findings, and detailed how the postcards from “Paradise Isle” could be related to the leaked map.


Potential hint to the "leaked" map in the GTA 5 strip club? from GTA6

“So, in the changing rooms in the back of the strip club, there are these postcards referring ‘Paradise Isle,’” they wrote. “Initially, I thought the name ‘Paradise Isle’ could be a reference to somewhere like Hawaii or The Bahamas, but after the alleged map leak, it also seems the pictures fit pretty well regarding distance and such.”

“You can also take a look at the 3 islands I pointed out in the top postcard… I personally think the top right island could be a GTA version of Bahamas,” they further added.

As you can see in the leaked map, there are three islands a good distance away from each other that look very similar to how they’re positioned in the postcards. Rockstar is known to tease future games within other titles, so it’s possible that this could be connected to GTA 6.

GTA 6 map leak
Rockstar Games
Could this leak be related to GTA 6?

However, the leaks as a whole have been quite controversial, with one game developer even chiming in that they look fake.

Sadly, there will be no way to know for sure until Rockstar either announces GTA 6 or gives us a much-awaited update on the next game. That said, with GTA V coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, we may be waiting a bit longer for some news.

Hopefully, the next-gen ports of GTA V and GTA Online can offer even more clues on the future title’s location and even release.