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GTA 6 fans disappointed as ‘leaked’ reveal date proven false

Published: 25/Mar/2020 17:53

by Calum Patterson


Hopeful Grand Theft Auto fans have come up empty-handed after waiting patiently with anticipation for a supposed GTA 6 teaser that was apparently coming on March 25, but never did. Fans are now wondering if it was all a ruse, or if Rockstar have other plans.

The first indication about a March 25 reveal surfaced on 4Chan, and although many passed it off as nonsense, GTA YouTuber MrBossFTW indicated that Red Dead Redemption 2’s reveal had in fact been correctly predicted on 4Chan too.

The rumors then spread on a popular unofficial forum for Rockstar games, GTAForums, where an anonymous user claimed to know someone working for the developer, also corroborating March 25, as well as claiming there would be a return to Vice City.

An anonymous user sparked frenzy among GTA 6 hopefuls.

To really get the hype train going, an infamous user named ‘Gonnaenodaethat’ posted a series of claims on GTAForums about the March 25 reveal date. On the day of the supposed reveal, he wrote “3PM Scottish time” (a.k.a GMT).

As a side, on March 23, a number of GTA 6 related websites were updated. For some very eager fans, this was just about all the confirmation they needed, as they were convinced March 25 would be the day that GTA VI would finally be unveiled.

On Reddit and on GTAForums, fans congregated for the big reveal – but nothing came of it. As they voiced their disappointment, the forums actually crashed temporarily, presumably from the overload of traffic.

Fans on Reddit were full of disappointment as no reveal ever came.

And on Twitter too, the hype had started to build, but it was all in vain.

Some accused the ‘Scottish leaker’ and the GTAForums website of deliberately playing up the fake rumors in a bid to get more attention to the forum itself.

Is GTA 6 real?

Even though GTA V was released all the way back in 2013, there still hasn’t been a single official word about anything to do with a sequel, from either Rockstar or the publisher, Take-Two.

Take-Two did say on their latest earnings call that games from their “biggest franchises” were in development, which many took to be GTA 6, but they never mentioned Grand Theft Auto specifically.

Rockstar Games
We still have no idea if GTA 6 is even a thing.

Although these particular leaks and rumors about March 25 turned out to be false, there are countless others that are yet to be either proven or debunked. We’ve compiled what we think are the most believable GTA 6 leaks here.

Who knows – maybe Rockstar really did have something planned for March 25, but the ongoing global health situation caused a delay. Or perhaps it all really was just faked for attention.

Whatever the case, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest on Grand Theft Auto here on Dexerto.


GTA Online player makes strange car discovery at Diamond Casino

Published: 4/Dec/2020 14:29 Updated: 4/Dec/2020 14:50

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players have made a startling discovery at the back of the Diamond Casino which is, somewhat, unexplainable. 

Given that it’s a living, virtual city, Los Santos can throw up plenty of surprises – both intended and unintended – with the NPCs, their vehicles, and the different buildings dotted around the place. 

Some of Los Santos’ residents will just run out into the road, attack you for looking at them for longer than a few seconds, or start running wildly if you happen to see them conducting a shady deal down a dark alleyway. 

However, in the case of the Diamond Casino’s racing track, some players have discovered something completely different, as the game has allowed some select residents to start driving around in circles.

GTA V Diamond Casino
Rockstar Games
Almost 7 years after it was first released, players are still finding new ways to do things in GTA Online.

Typically, when it comes to the Casino’s dirt racing track, it’s empty and looking like it needs a few horses to be racing around it.

Yet, as Reddit user FS1120 pointed out, some of the NPCs might just start driving around it as they wish. Why? Well, the Redditor didn’t really have an explanation. Just that, as they were doing a Sightseer mission, they noticed it – and it was such a shock, given they’ve never seen it before. 

Other players were also taken back by the discovery, given how completely random it is. However, one fan might have cracked the code.

Anyone know what this is about – I’ve never seen this at the race track before from gtaonline

Reddit user Appletree_Music asked: “Wonder if the mission enabled that area for traffic because it’s going two ways at traffic speeds? Definitely a first.”

Other players noted that it isn’t just limited to the Casino, either. Redditor adwyv pointed out that they’d also seen traffic driving around the Pier in a similar fashion. 

Either way, the next time you drop into Los Santos, keep an eye out for random traffic. It could lead to a hilarious moment of discovery.