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Fake GTA 6 announcement trailer ft. The Weeknd gives internet false hope

Published: 30/Mar/2020 1:37 Updated: 28/Jul/2020 16:21

by Brent Koepp


Fans of the Rockstar franchise were crushed when a fake yet stylish trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 featuring the Weeknd gave them false hope for the next installment in the series. This came just hours after a bogus livestream promised an announcement.

Anticipation for GTA 6 has never been higher, as it’s been over six years since fans last got a game from the Rockstar franchise. So players desperate for any information were let down when a Twitch stream promising announcement info appeared to be fake.

However the internet was tricked again on March 29 when an incredible trailer showed up on social media from the stream. The neon-soaked clip featured a hit song from The Weeknd and would actually be perfect for the official release.

Fake GTA 6 trailer tricks the internet

It all kicked off when a Twitch account called ‘GTAVI’ appeared on the streaming platform. The channel had a countdown clock, and promised to reveal information in two days. Only problem is, the counter ends on April 1 – also known as April Fools Day.

Given that the account is not official from Rockstar, excitement quickly died down as many assumed it to be hoax. However the fandom got another dose of false hope later in the day when a trailer popped up on social media.

While the video made its rounds, YouTuber ‘TroyDan’ brought a ton of eyes to it after tweeting it out for his hundreds of thousands of followers. “YOOO GTA 6 IS COMING!”

The trailer featured the wildly popular single ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd. The 80s influenced song was originally released in November 2019, and has since been many GTA fans’ pick for the next installment’s theme song.

It appears to be tied to the fake Twitch stream, since it features the broadcast at the beginning and even uses the same logo and art from it. It could be another example of how far the prankster is willing to go sell their hoax.

Rockstar fans initially believed it to be real, although quickly realized its connection. User ‘Mateo_2kgod’ said, “Can’t trust no one no more it’s on April 1st.” Another user echoed the somber sentiment stating, “The lies, it’s not real unfortunately.”

GTA fans had their hopes dashed after realizing the stylish trailer was fake.

While the developer has yet to even officially confirm they are even working on a new GTA title, rumors have been swirling around that it will take place in the Miami-inspired Vice City.

If anything, this latest hoax proves just how much fans are dying for the next entry in the Rockstar franchise.


Rockstar accused of censoring GTA 6 discussion amid map leaks

Published: 23/Oct/2020 19:08

by Michael Gwilliam


Rockstar Games appears to be clamping down on GTA 6 discussion on social media after users claimed to have noticed their comments being censored on YouTube.

The news of the alleged censorship comes right as leaks supposedly revealing Vice City as the setting for the next installment in the franchise.

On Reddit, user TypicalPoetry22 voiced their frustration over the censorship with images showing how their comment about Grand Theft Auto 6 was removed from YouTube.

“So, like every time I watch the newly uploaded YouTube video from Rockstar Games. And like every time I also look at the comments,” they said, commenting that they spotted something suspicious. “There I noticed that I haven’t seen a single comment about GTA 6.”

GTA 6 map leak
Rockstar Games
Could this leak be related to GTA 6?

According to TypicalPoetry22, they wrote a comment about GTA 6 and then opened their browser in incognito mode only to see that it wasn’t visible. “So, Rockstar Games has blacklisted ‘GTA 6’ on YouTube.”

In the attached images, you can see a screenshot of a comment that reads “GTA 6 when” and then another with the remark nowhere to be seen. However, “GTA VI” seems to still be allowed.

It’s unclear when Rockstar started implementing this filter – if they have at all – but its discovery comes as an older map leak for Grand Theft Auto 6 resurfaced after one eerily similar found its way onto the internet.

Rockstar censors GTA 6 comments
Rockstar is accused of removing comments with “GTA 6” in them.

As Dexerto previously reported, the original leak seems to have emerged from someone with significant insider information as there is evidence suggesting they worked at Take-Two Interactive.

It is always possible that Rockstar is trying to prevent the spread of the map leaks on its own YouTube videos, but it could also just be the company trying to remove the influx of people commenting about a game that isn’t even announced yet.

Nonetheless, it’s a bit strange for Rockstar to be removing comments – if this is the case. Only time will tell when they finally decide to reveal the long-awaited sixth installment in the series.