NoPixel developer teases GTA RP 4.0 update amid GTA 6 leaks

gta roleplay danny traceyRockstar Games/ Danny Tracey

Developer DW for GTA RP’s number one server NoPixel talks about the future of service, what they hope awaits them in GTA 6, and teases a bit about the 4.0 update in an exclusive interview with Dexerto.

For the past six years now, Twitch streamers and their viewers have been playing Grand Theft Auto in a pretty unorthodox way. They’ve traded in their fancy cars for pickup trucks, their handguns for job uniforms, and their bank heists for Saturday grill-outs.

Enter GTA roleplay on the ever-popular NoPixel server. Instead of being main characters, players act as NPCs, and content is generated via the interactions they have with one another. And this style of play has been an immense success on Twitch and Youtube.

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So much so, that GTA 6 leaks hint at Rockstar Games adding their own elements of roleplay to the base game. But despite the competition, NoPixel developer Danny ‘DW’ Tracey welcomes these additions and looks to the future of the #1 GTA RP server.

Rockstar Games
GTA V players have been stuck on the island of Los Santos for over 9 years.

NoPixel’s hopes for GTA 6

According to the infamous GTA 6 leaker, Rockstar Games is looking to add GTA RP into the base game, and Dexerto was curious as to if or how this would affect the NoPixel server. In an exclusive interview, developer DW explained their state of mind.

“It’s a huge market as we’ve shown. It doesn’t surprise me when other people notice the achievements we’ve created and want to be a part of that. I think it can only be a good thing for the NoPixel platform with more people in that space.”

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Of course, with GTA 6 on the horizon, DW is excited for a change of scenery. When asked what new features he wants most, DW stated: “For me, it’s all about a new map, a new environment, a new city. We’ve been looking at the GTA 5 backdrop for almost ten years. So, whenever you can change the aesthetic and change the environment, that will always keep roleplay fresh.”

Maintaining the popularity of role-playing GTA NPCs

When asked about the longevity of NoPixel’s GTA server, DW claimed he didn’t see an end in sight. Since the launch of the 3.0 update, the server has only continued to grow, and Danny stated it’s “crazy” how much growth NoPixel has seen.

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“We offer many different mechanics and gameplay features that aren’t in the base game. So we encourage people to progress their character not only as you’d expect from a tabletop game, but also in the proficiency of, say, boosting cars or even working at a restaurant. Maybe they get a secret recipe. We try to – not necessarily encourage people via progression, because we’re not trying to create a grinding atmosphere. Moreso, there is a reason or your character to keep going.”

danny tracey gta roleplayDanny Tracey
Danny ‘DW’ Tracey recently revealed his face to his fans.

What’s in store for NoPixel 4.0?

While the NoPixel 4.0 update isn’t official yet – despite fellow developer and streamer Koil hyping it up on stream – DW did give us some insight into what the team is working on bringing to GTA roleplayers.

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“With 4.0 we’re trying to go with an overhaul of everything that was tedious in 3.0, we don’t want that tedium as part of roleplay. We’re trying to keep things fresh in the little things, but also bring in some customization on a scale that has never been seen before.

“When I say customization, I mean people like to decorate their houses, and people like to customize their cars. We’re talking about a complete overhaul of those things, and giving more freedom for people to create what they want.”

Of course, players will just have to wait and see what awaits them in the next massive GTA RP update. But to keep up with the ongoings of the NoPixel team, you can head on over to or give the team a follow on Twitter @Nopixeltweets.

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