How to join NoPixel’s public GTA RP server with xQc & more

Connor Bennett
GTA RP NoPixel logo on GTA 5 background

NoPixel’s brand new public GTA RP server has finally gone live, giving Twitch star xQc a new home. If you want to get involved, well, you can do so. Here’s how.

As GTA RP has continued to get bigger and bigger, viewers naturally want to get involved and roleplay with some of their favorite characters, especially when it comes to NoPixel.

However, applications for NoPixel’s main server have been closed for some time – unless you want to drop a donation – and you’re probably never going to get involved unless you make a name for yourself on Twitch.

After a few years of talk, a public, sister server to the main GTA RP one has been opened up, and it’s home to xQc following his most recent ban. If you’re prepared to wait in long queues, you can get involved as well.

NoPixel server GTA
NoPixel is the most popular RP server for GTA.

How to get into NoPixel’s public GTA RP server

That’s right, after long last, a NoPixel GTA RP server is open to the public, and all you really need is a copy of GTA 5, the FiveM mod, and a NoPixel forum account.

If you have all that sorted, you can use the ‘connect’ button on the NoPixel website to get involved with the server.

Once you press it, you’ll be sent into the queue for the server. Now, you might end up at the very back, and given it’s still only open to a few hundred people, you could be in line for a while. Upon launch, there have been close to 2000 people in queue, so be prepared.

  1. Download GTA 5
  2. Download FiveM mod
  3. Create a NoPixel account
  4. Use the ‘connect to public server’ button to join
  5. Wait in the queue
  6. Enjoy the server!

NoPixel GTA RP public server prio & Dev Coin prices

Just like the normal NoPixel server, there are different levels of priority. Normally, this is handed out based on how good a roleplayer you are, yet, things are different for the public server.

You can pay for a better level of prio, so you can jump to the front of the queue – or close to it – depending on what you get.

Also, in another change from the main sever, you can purchase DevCoins that grant you access to in-game cash. So, if you want a headstart, there are plenty of options out there.

Who plays on NoPixel’s public GTA RP server?

The public server is pretty much a home for xQc, given he got banned from the main server, so he’s going to be about quite a bit. Until he gets banned from the main server, that is.

On top of that, there should be different characters who dip in and out, if just to experience the chaos of the public server. So, you never know who you might roleplay with.

Of course, NoPixel isn’t the only option there, there are plenty of other servers. But, it is the biggest, and pretty much regarded as the best.

If anything changes, we’ll update this article with things you need to know. For now, enjoy the long queues.

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