Valkyrae slams “embarrassing” chat hoppers for bothering other GTA RP streamers

Valkyrae and her GTA RP characterInstagram: Valkyrae/Rockstar

Twitch star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter called out some viewers for being “embarrassing” and chat hopping during her GTA RP stream, making other streamers think she was annoyed with their interactions.

As the world of GTA RP has continued to grow and grow, massive streamers like Valkyrae have gotten involved and become immersed in the world of NoPixel.

Aside from dealing with in-game interactions that can make or break a storyline, streamers also have to deal with their chats. Some viewers just want to watch and enjoy the action, but others try to get involved through back seating and chat hopping.

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The latter, where viewers jump into another streamer’s chat and either give them information about things they don’t know, or berated them for upsetting their favorite streamer, always causes plenty of issues, and Valkyrae had to call it out again.

Valkyrae GTA RP character Ray MondYouTube: Valkyrae
Valkyrae has dove deep into the world of GTA RP.

During her May 29 stream, the 100 Thieves co-owner was up to her usual criminal shenanigans when a cop, RatedEpicz – who she regularly plays with when he uses his criminal character – started joking about with her.

Rae ended up in prison, and some of her viewers sent messages to the other streamer, suggesting she was upset with what had happened. He even messaged Rae about it, and she was taken aback by that.

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“You guys told Randy I was pissed? I actually can’t,” she said. “I wasn’t actually pissed, (I was) literally trolling, everything is fun and games. It’s honestly so embarrassing that you guys stream hop and do that s**t. Stop.”

Timestamp of 3:56:50

Even though she jumped off GTA RP and started playing Valorant, Rae addressed it again.

“It is embarrassing when chat stream hops and stuff,” she continued, pointing out that RP is just RP. “I pretended to be pissed, I wasn’t actually pissed at him. He trolled me… it actually makes me cringe when I talk about it, so I don’t want to talk about it.”

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Rae isn’t the first streamer to have deal with chat hoppers, nor will she be the last. It’s something that happens to everyone, and while streamers try and reign them in, and it always happens because fans want to be too involved with what’s going on in RP.