NoPixel owner explains how xQc could be unbanned from GTA RP server

Connor Bennett
xQc on Twitch with a bald GTA V police officer

NoPixel owner Koil has explained how Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel can get himself unbanned and back on the main GTA RP sever by just making a few tweaks to the way he approaches roleplay.

When it comes to GTA RP, xQc’s character has always pushed the boundaries as to what is and what isn’t acceptable in roleplay.

As a result, the Twitch star has found himself banned from NoPixel on five separate occasions, with his most recent seemingly being the end of the road, given that some NoPixel staff said he was no longer a resident of the city.

Since then, things have changed a little. NoPixel is opening up a second server that is going to be a little different from the main one, and xQc will have his chance to prove himself on there. If it goes well, he could be back on the main server.

xQc character GTA RP
xQc had be been banned multiple times before his permanent suspension.

NoPixel server owner and developer Koil revealed that the former Overwatch League star is very likely to be unbanned at some point after a few chatters offered him a Bitcoin to unban xQc.

“Listen, xQc is going to get unbanned, I guarantee it. Well, let’s hope he does, we’ll see how he goes on the public server that is,” Koil said. “I mean, if he f**ks up there, it’s hard to f**k up there. All he’s got to do is not be angry, ok? Because that leads to OOC s**t.

“He just needs to learn to not give a f**k. It’s a hard thing to do in RP, really it is. Because, every game you play is some sort of competitive game, so when you play something like roleplay, it’s very ingrained naturally in you to be competitive.”

While some members of NoPixel pretty much celebrated xQc’s ban, others like Summit said that he’d be welcomed back before long, but maybe without him focusing on being a criminal.

It seems as if those streamers will get their wish and Jean Paul will be back robbing banks at some point. Whether or not he can stay out of drama next time, though, remains to be seen.

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