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GTA RP player trolling cops with Flip Car is the best thing you’ll see all day

Published: 11/May/2022 21:24

by Philip Trahan


One GTA Online content creator has released a video centering around RP servers and an incredible RC car called the ‘Flip Car,’ and the results are amazing.

For those who may not know, the GTA Online community got a massive signal boost in 2021, with many creators and influencers making content around roleplay servers.

Massive creators like OfflineTV’s Sykkuno played GTA Online extensively last year alongside fellow content creators like Valkyrae, DisguisedToast, and Pokimane.

The in-game RP community is still going strong a year later, with plenty of players still making videos within these servers.

Incredible RC Flip Car used to troll GTA RP players

Now, a content creator by the name of Elanip released a new video on May 10, 2022, where he took a custom RC Car around the Redline server and flipped cop cars.


Elanip called his creation the ‘Flip Car,’ which is styled after typical vehicles from the reality TV shows Robot Wars and BattleBots.

gta online rc car elanip youtube screenshot
Elanip, Rockstar Games
Elanip using his ‘Flip Car’ to interact with another player in GTA Online.

Elanip’s first attempt at causing chaos among the Redline server’s police force failed, with the Flip Car getting wedged between a bench and a hedge wall.

Though Elanip had to self-destruct his Flip Car after getting surrounded by police, he thankfully had backup Flip Cars ready to go.

After a few more failed attempts at trolling the Redline police force, Elanip hatched a plan to hire players to perform a robbery to attract attention. With the police focused on the ongoing robbery, Elanip capitalized on the chaos with his Flip Car leading to some explosive results.


While most RP servers largely frown upon trolls disrupting gameplay, the Redline server seems to generally have a good time taking on Elanip’s antics.

In terms of the actual trolling itself, Elanip’s Flip Car is an impressive creation that can launch cars into the air simply by driving under them.

All in all, Elanip’s video highlights why players continue to find GTA Online so appealing: its sandbox continues to provide new and interesting ways to keep things feeling fresh and engaging among the community.