GTA Online update patch notes: Toreador, Manchez Scout, and huge discounts

Toreador car GTA OlineRockstar Games

It’s that time of the week again and as always Rockstar Games have shipped out another GTA Online update. From a new podium vehicle to exclusive log-in unlocks, there’s plenty to get excited about in this week’s patch.

Rockstar’s weekly updates to GTA Online alongside major additions such as the Cayo Perico Heist ensure players always have something to look forward to. Not a week goes by without new discounts, cars to buy, or exclusive log-in rewards to claim.

This week is no different, with leaker TezFunz2 revealing exactly what’s being added in the January 14 patch. Without further ado, let’s jump into the update and see what Rockstar has in store for us this week.

GTA Online update patch notes: January 14


Toreador on GTA OnlineRockstar Games
The Toreador is this week’s podium vehicle.

The Toreador will be added to the GTA Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel rewards in this week’s update.

Manufactured by Pegassi, the Toreador would usually set you back around $3.6 million from Warstocks Cache & Carry. However, a spin of the lucky wheel this week may just bag you the exquisite vehicle completely free of charge.

Manchez Scout

Manchez Scout bike GTARockstar Games
The Manchez Scout is now available to purchase.

Alongside the new podium vehicle, the Manchez Scout is now available to purchase from Warstocks Cache & Carry for $225,000.

This military motorcycle can be found in various locations across Cayo Perico. So, it’s great that players can finally pick up one for themselves.

Discounts and offers

Buzzard attack chopper GTARockstar Games
The price of the Buzzard Attack Chopper has been cut by 40% this week.
  • 25% off Kosatka Upgrades – Sonar Station ($900,000), Guided Missles ($1,425,000), Moon Pool Vehicles (S>$1,361,250 – A>$1,158,750), Weapon Workshop ($262,500)
  • 30% off – Coquette D10 ($1,057,000)
  • 40% off – Buzzard ($1,050,000), Reaper ($957,000), Sea Sparrow ($1,089,000)

Featured Races, login bonuses, and cash boosts

This week’s Premium Race will be Art to Art, with the Time Trial changed to Route 68 and the RC Time Trial set as Cemetary.

As well as this, players can look forward to claiming the Shark Camo livery for Toreador and the Pegassi Aged Tee as log in unlocks.

Finally, Rockstar have enabled double cash and RP rewards on Survivals so make the most of it while it lasts.