GTA Online RP streamer gets arrested by in-game NoPixel police force in hilarious clip

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Twitch streamer UberHaxorNova caused quite the scene after rioting and attacking the police force during a GTA Online RP session.

GTA Online RP servers have become a staple of the Twitch community, with many popular streamers like xQc and Valkyrae joining massive servers with other influencers.

The entertaining aspect of GTA RP servers comes from every member staying in character and playing their part as seriously as possible, despite the game’s chaotic nature.

This caused a hilarious situation with popular Twitch streamer James “UberHaxorNova” Wilson, who attempted to take on the entire NoPixel police force in a GTA RP session, ending in utter failure.

UberHaxorNova takes on GTA RP police force

The incident took place during UberHaxorNova’s Twitch stream on September 15, 2022, on the NoPixel GTA RP server.

Nova, playing his character named Siz Fulker who acts as a prominent crime lord and leader of the Tang Gang, was called to a meeting by another streaming playing the character Dom Toretti, who acts as the local sheriff.

In NoPixel’s RP lore, Fulker and Toretti have a long, antagonistic relationship with one another, as is natural for a crime lord and chief of police.

Nova as Fulker proceeded to drive to the police garage on a motorcycle to speak with Toretti, who opened the door to meet the crime lord outside.

After Toretti asked, “What do you want?” Fulker responded by saying “You know what I want and proceeded to storm the Police garage full of armed officers.

Quickly realizing he was trapped in the garage with no escape, Nova screamed out “I’m going to jail!” before crashing his motorcycle.

After attempting to flee the garage, Nova is swarmed by police who attempt to arrest him. Despite making a somewhat valiant effort to retaliate, Nova is ultimately arrested and sent to jail.

The rest of the stream shows Nova as Fulker getting sent to jail, forming a gang in prison, and subsequently busting out.

While the UberHaxorNova’s antics ended in failure, it goes to show exactly why NoPixel’s GTA RP streams still have such a large audience today.

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